AOL 9 Beta -P retty Good

  holly polly 19:17 25 Sep 2003

Gday folks just reporting my observations of the latest aol browser {beta 9) though the welcome screen is pretty plain ,no problems encounted as of yet ,will keep you all informed -hol pol ...

  Mango Grummit 20:16 25 Sep 2003

Cheers holly polly, going to leave it to you and djohn for a bit, coward that I am.

  Djohn 20:22 25 Sep 2003

Good job I'm on B/B ;o[

  crisp1 20:36 25 Sep 2003

Got aol 9 beta i think its terrible it keeps locking up throwing me of line . i have gone back to aol 8

  holly polly 20:38 25 Sep 2003

no problems noted everything a ok-hol pol..

  Djohn 20:49 25 Sep 2003

Yes, it is a little unstable at the mo. Besides the four up-dates in the past week or so, [Full download] I have needed to download [Again, full download] on six other occasions due to lock-up's

  The Sack 22:26 25 Sep 2003

i think the word Beta gives the game away.

  Djohn 22:37 25 Sep 2003

Yep, I know, but I do a lot of Beta testing for AOL and with B/B it takes only 12 to 14 minutes to download. I was mentioning the amount of updates that beta requires in it's first few months for the benefit of people on Dial-up. [3 to 4 hour download] j.

  Cesar 09:17 26 Sep 2003

I hope in AOL Beta (9.0) they have done away with AOL Companion it's a real pain in the neck.

  Djohn 11:03 26 Sep 2003

Just right click on it and choose exit and not to show on next boot. This will remove the "pain in your neck" thing from your desktop :o)

  Cesar 10:20 27 Sep 2003

Thanks I went the long way around and cleared the check box in the startup menu.

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