Aol 8.0! Mind of it's own!

  User-7C65557E-8B1B-42C6-92BA61C17C618B80 23:57 04 Jul 2003

I'm running WinXP and have recently upgraded to Aol8.0. The problem is Aol now has a mind of its own. On start-up, Aol has to be shut-down at least twice before it gets the message I don't want the internet accessed, and various other times specific to Aol it tries to connect itself to the internet. How do I program Aol 8.0 to only connect to the internet when I want to?

  Djohn 00:17 05 Jul 2003

Try clicking on Help, (Top left of tool-bar), then preferences/communications, click on "Auto aol" and make sure non of the options are ticked. If you still have a problem then post back for more help. j.

  Djohn 00:40 05 Jul 2003

Ok, minimise AOL to taskbar and open IE. Click on tools from the top menu, then internet options, then click on the connections tab and place a dot in the "Never dial a connection" box. re-boot if necessary and you should now find that AOL will only open when you click on the Icon.

You can also close the Icon in the task bar, by clicking on it then choose "Close" and answer yes, to not show again, It is not needed, all you need is a shortcut Icon on desktop, AOL will open with one click from there. j.

Yup been there too, and it still no luck

  Mango Grummit 13:01 05 Jul 2003

I think you must have a programme running in the background that tries to dial out immediately your computer is booted. Have you tried unticking everything in msconfig except for sys tray and explorer? Then shut down and try again.

  rmriph 13:10 05 Jul 2003

Hi open my computer go to internet options- connections- click on never dial a connection

  rmriph 13:12 05 Jul 2003

do not forget to click apply like i was doing lol

  Fateful Shadow 14:25 05 Jul 2003

Have I missed something here?

I always thought LOL meant Laugh out Loud and ROFL was Roll on (the) floor laughing.

I'm confused :S

  Stuartli 17:41 05 Jul 2003

I think is taking some rather dubious advantage of these anachronisms.

As for AOL my son, an IT support specialist, once told me that if, for any reason, I installed its software on my system he would leave me all to myself to sort out the resulting chaos...

  Aol Hater 17:44 05 Jul 2003

click here

amd ditch aol now before its to late

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