AOL 8 - no audible dialling tone/fails to connect

  James-299039 12:47 27 Nov 2004

I use AOL version 8.0.

In recent weeks I have had occasional trouble signing on to the internet. When I click the signing-on button the caption ‘dialling’ (plus the telephone number) appears as normal but there is no audible dialling tone. The system then fails to sign on and I am told it failed to connect with AOL.

I have found that I can only get round this by using System Restore to restore the system to a time when the AOL internet sign-on was working properly (usually the previous day because I tend to go on line daily). This happened today. Once I use System Restore the dialling tone is audible again and I get connected to the internet.

I had a similar problem a few weeks ago and then AOL told me it was a BT line fault that they would report. I have to say I got the impression this was their standard reply.

Incidentally, I have two AOL access ‘phone numbers but one always seems to be silent when the dialling box shows it is ringing and will never connect me, so I normally never attempt to use that one. AOL just scratched their heads when I mentioned this.

I wonder if the most likely cause of the intermittent signing-on is a problem with my internal modem.

Any suggestions would be welcome. My computer and internal modem are nearly four years’ old.

  Djohn 14:27 27 Nov 2004

The first thing to try will be add more numbers to the dial up list. You have 2 at present, if your using a BT line you should be able to select several more. (Think I had about 7)

Log on and go to keyword Best number, the AOL software should search for a list and install them in your dial up properties for you to try out on logging in again. You can access the list and set the order of the numbers to be used, find the best 2 or 3 that will give you a connection each time. If this doesn't solve the problem then please post back to this thread and someone using AOL will advise further.

  JIM 14:35 27 Nov 2004

Worth checking your 1571 number on phone and clear any messages before logging on.(that's if you have that service) from BT.

  James-299039 14:40 27 Nov 2004


Thnks for that but unfortunately there are only two free numbers allocated by AOL for my area - so they say.

I used to have more, as you say, but when I do the Best Numbers operation, I still get the two that I use (in fact, as I said, one of the two is useless anyway because it always has a 'silent ring' and won't connect). I have also tried editing the sequence in which they are used but again to no avail.

I have queried the paucity of numbers with AOL more than once and they are adaamant there are only two free ones for my area (the Whitchurch, Bristol exchange 01275 code).

  James-299039 14:43 27 Nov 2004


Thanks for that but I don't have the 1571 service.

  JIM 14:53 27 Nov 2004

Ok ,have you tried using the AOL system information via the taskbar and let it rebuild the adapters/setting.

Have you tried reinstall of the Aol software yet?

  James-299039 15:21 27 Nov 2004


No, I haven't done either but it's a good shout and I will do so.

The problem is intermittent and it might take me a week to know whether anything like this would be successful.

Many thanks and I will reinstall the software later today.

  Graham ® 15:34 27 Nov 2004

Also, do a search for '' on the PC. Delete all that are found. AOL will rebuild the file at reboot.

Consider upgrading to AOL 9, online or pick up a CD at Comet, etc.

  Cesar 10:38 28 Nov 2004

AOL have finished testing their Beta version of faster connection, in the next few weeks all AOL users will be asked to upgrade to this version. I would strongly advise you to Upgrade to AOL 9.0 as this has much more facilities than AOL 8.0.

  James-299039 12:17 28 Nov 2004

Thanks everyone. I will try these things in turn, but it looks like the best solution might be to upgrade to version 9.0.

I'm also seriously considering broadband.

Once again many thanks, this MB is a fund of helpful and friendly people as always.

  JIM 12:33 28 Nov 2004

Now your thinking, MerchantVenturer.There is allways Hi ho silver !!! sorry, AOl Silver if you dont want to jump up in cost to the gold serice etc.Broadband of any discription has to be better than what you are suffering :)

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