denali 08:58 16 Jan 2003
  denali 08:58 16 Jan 2003

Am I being naive or is it possible that AOL has slowed down the internet connection by modem users.
I have a pentium 4, 1.8GB, 512 memory and an £80 modem bought last September.
Never had a problem until a few weeks ago when, it seems, everyone and their dog started to encourage us to switch to broadband, with AOL being by far the most aggressive.
I really noticed it when I had trouble with direct x and downloaded it again. In September it took 42mins.( I know because I had my oven timer on) Yesterday morning it took 1hr and 13mins to download the same programme. I downloaded three more progs with the same result. I always download early a.m. to miss the US traffic.
Any ideas?

  Diemmess 11:29 16 Jan 2003

I hope it is just ebb and flow of traffic.

On the whole (it is just my impression) that connection speeds vary not only during the day but over several months as well.

A year or two ago I thought I was doing well to reach 40K then a brief period of mid to high 40s, and now again back to mid 40s and down.

I think it is more to do with BT than Aol..... Certainly if I sense my connection is dragging its feet, I go offline and try one of the alternative numbers (usually and briefly better)

As for Broadband - BT say the cost/effectiveness gives this area no chance.

Of course they don't say that at all but we are as likely to have Broadband here in the "sticks", as we are to have N.Sea gas or piped TV.

  PAM-260565 23:45 16 Jan 2003

no it's not just you, I have noticed this and a lot of other people too.

  D-P-R 23:51 16 Jan 2003

ye the speed has slowed down, and it has been suggested that this is to encourage people to switch to broadband. Well my area is getting broadband soon and I will be getting it, but I will not be stopping with aol so if the rumors are true they have shot themselves in the foot @ my end :-)

  Richard Tomlinson 11:01 17 Jan 2003

I have two addresses 200 miles apart. At one I use NTL broadband, at the other (ironically next to an NTL call centre) there is no broadband so I use AoL dial-up. I have a desktop at each location and two laptops which I carrry between them. All the computers are installed with AoL and NTL broadband.

Since I upgraded to AoL 8.0 (Beta), every time I shut down any of the computers, all of the broadband settings disappear, and sometimes the drivers too.

I spent literally hours of the phone to NTL but the problem persists and they can only suggest deleting anything to do with AoL. AoL have failed to reply.

Any ideas. I know I can use other ISPs, (I have Freeserve and Care4Free) but I prefer to solve problems rather than avoid them.


  Goldcroft 11:14 17 Jan 2003

Richard Tomlinson: Hope you succeed in getting rid of AOL. Posted a thread about getting rid of Virgin on my machine and a couple of forum members said AOL were just as bad in imbedding unremovable files in the system.

  Cesar 11:40 17 Jan 2003

I have had several computer crashes, I the fault reports it is due to my conexant V124NT.sys driver
I have tried to find an updated driverbut with no success can anyone help?

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