Aol 7 install, causes FATAL EXCEPTION errors???

  AudioVic' 04:43 29 Mar 2003

On installing aol version 7 my pc screws up with fatal exceptions, etc. Usualy the fatal exception is 0028:C19BE3E3.

This is even before it installs it's adapter files.

It seams to screw up the graphics as when it finally re-boots the desktop icons take a while to appear properly.

Any suggestions or anyone have the same problems?


  powerless 04:51 29 Mar 2003

click here and have a look...

Whats your operating system?

Whats is the actual error message?

If you remove all traces of AOL from the computer by searching for "AOL" then delete them.

Try reinstalling...

  AudioVic' 05:15 29 Mar 2003

That link you pointed me to is very good!

I am running 98se with 450 3d cpu and 640mb ram.

Vision master 17 monitor on voodoo 3 card.

If I un-install aol, then re-boot, the pc works fine. As soon as I re-install aol the pc goes potty again.

Like an idiot, I thought I had prob's elsewhere causing it and even formatted, fdisked, and re-loaded. All was fine until I re-installed aol. That's when I realised that it was causing the problem.

Thanks for your response and any more ideas would be greatly appreciated.

  Philip2 15:13 29 Mar 2003

640mb ram is far to high for Windows 98 or ME you should never go above 512mb max as this can cause your computer to freeze i run 384 for Windows me i do not have a problem with AOL.

  Djohn 15:29 29 Mar 2003

Agree with Philip2, your problem seems to point more to memory or video drivers, rather than AOL itself. J.

  AudioVic' 18:55 29 Mar 2003

You are right, Philip and John!

I have removed some dimms and HEY PRESTO:

It's all ok!

A BIG Thanks to both of you.

Also a BIG thanks to powerless who pointed me to the site.

Your threads agree with what I found there too.

All the best to you all!

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