AOL 1Mb connection

  johnbhoy 09:26 13 Oct 2003

Hi Guys - I logged into my Primary AOL account and got a pop up advert from AOL with details of their new 1Mb DSL connection due out in November, for £39.99.

If I decide to sign up it is a 1yr time again.

Question is, would I see a significant performce improvement from my current 512K connection.



  MAJ 09:38 13 Oct 2003

I would imagine that you would be able to download files in half the time, johnbhoy. You don't say what the upload speed is, so I don't know if there's any improvement on your present 256k. I don't suppose ordinary webpages would load any quicker than they are at the moment for you, depends on traffic at the server end, I suppose.

  Cloggsy 09:39 13 Oct 2003

My god! £39.99?

Try having a look at the Pipex website click here

They're doing a 1Mb connection for £24 per month!

  Elyvate 15:41 13 Oct 2003

I have the 512k AOL at home, 1MB with Nildram at work and a 2MB leased pipe at my other work and the only difference I notice between all 3 is the download speeds. Web pages all seem to load up at the same time. I personally wouldn't go for the aol offer, after all its hugely overpriced and you're still stuck in a 12 month contract. There are many better ISP's out there and once my contract with aol runs out in a few weeks I will be migrating to someone else.

  johnbhoy 15:41 13 Oct 2003

Already tied to AOL for another 10 months (not that I am complaining). My present AOL 512K connection is very stable,unlike a few people I know who are on AOL. Was just wondering about the 1Mb service, but given wife is expecting 3rd baby, can't see me being able to justify £40 a month for my internet connection.


  STEVE71163 15:56 13 Oct 2003

Where did you see this on the aol site because i have looked and cant see it anywhere?

  spikeychris 16:10 13 Oct 2003

1meg for £24, you sure?.

I have just gone with Nildram 1Mbps and cant believe it!

I have been on BT BB (512) for two years but this new speed is just plain silly - incredibly fast!

  STEVE71163 16:37 15 Oct 2003

I have just upgraded to the 1mb speed. When i get it upgraded at the exchange next week i will let you know what it is like.

  STEVE71163 15:30 21 Oct 2003

Is it much faster overall or just with downloading?

  Pumas 15:59 21 Oct 2003

I think the Pipex service is really £33.99 a month; tat's still quite good though.

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