AOhelL-Is it just me?

  rotormota 20:46 18 Oct 2003

1/ Signing on- message: 'requesting network attention for...' appears & nothing else happens.

2/ Signing off- message: 'programme is not responding' or AOL home page freezes.

Restart the pc or usually to completely clear the problem is to switch off on the hard drive.

It's annoying to say the least.

  hugh-265156 00:23 19 Oct 2003


  Joanne_1 00:54 19 Oct 2003

Its a typical AOL thing, once you move on to a 'normal' ISP you'll wonder what on earth you were thinking about having an account with them in the first place.

  Djohn 00:59 19 Oct 2003

Log off AOL then bring the AOL desktop up again, but don't sign on, go to.

Toolbar/settings/preferences, and select "Font, Text, and graphics.

In the window that appears you will see a box with 40MB in it. Reduce this to 5MB, click on save and close down the AOL desktop. Reopen the desktop, but don't sign on.

Go through the above procedure and take your Graphics back up to 40MB. Click on save and close the desktop again.

Reopen the desktop and sign onto AOL, You will see the welcome screen graphics re-built as the page loads and all will be fine. AOL will close in an instant when you sign off in future. It's one of those things that happens occasionally but not often. j

  STEVE71163 08:42 19 Oct 2003

Why is it that when someone has a problem with Aol that someone with an obviously low IQ has to give a silly answer?? After trying what Djohn suggests above look at things like firewall etc because i had the same thing earlier in the year and it was my firewall.

Hope this helps :0)

  leo49 09:42 19 Oct 2003

And why is it that when someone expresses a perfectly reasonable opinion re AOL in a lighthearted way that someone has to respond with a gratuitous personal insult?

  Fateful Shadow 10:14 19 Oct 2003

I used AOL. I must say that the range of services they had to offer were very good, however, I felt like I was paying £15.99 a month for things I didn't have a use for.

I had a few problems that you're having/had, rotormota, so I just changed to 24seven. There aren't as many services available, but still, it's cheaper and I've found that their customer services are better.

Now, how many people can contradict me :P

  Joanne_1 12:52 19 Oct 2003

I merely expressed my opinion,IQ has nothing to do with it. I it take it STEVE (CAPSLOCK) has AOL



  STEVE71163 14:02 19 Oct 2003

I apologies for comming back in that way but whatever isp someone uses they can get problems with it and knocking one is pointless to the person asking the question who may well be tied into a contract with aol. My neighbour has had loads of problems with Bt broadband but i would not insult him by downing bt. I just tried to help him where i could.

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