Anyway to get rid of Windows media Player.

  birdface 20:55 21 Apr 2008

Hi.Any way of getting rid of Windows media player completely.I have got rid of most of it.But I keep getting Microsoft updates for it.I can find one empty folder for it but it will not let me delete it.Any advice welcome.

  simmo09 20:59 21 Apr 2008

try this:

Start, Control Panel, Add or Remove programs, Windows Components (deselect WMP). Windows should update removing WMP

  ambra4 21:02 21 Apr 2008
  birdface 23:36 21 Apr 2008

Ok.can get rid of Wmp in safe mode.But when on the Internet it comes back.Ive just had to stop them showing on updates,I tried both of the ways that you recommended but no joy.

  Stuartli 23:42 21 Apr 2008

Why would you want to get rid of WMP?

  eedcam 07:30 22 Apr 2008

Likewise why get rid just dont use it as for updates not wise to have automatic updating .Far better to manually select than let Microsoft run you

  cocteau48 08:11 22 Apr 2008

I have to say I sympathize with buteman as I have been considering getting rid of WMP for a long time.
I used to work OK until I added a sub-woofer system from which point I started to get high end distortion playing mp3 files.
I posted a query on the forum which produced no solutions and no amount of tinkering with drivers/codecs etc. has cured it.
The punch line is that using my preferred media players:MediaMonkey/Winamp/Soundbase...I get absolutely perfect sound reproduction..... so OK I have caused the distortion by adding the sub-woofer but as it only affects WMP I never use it.

  birdface 08:33 22 Apr 2008

Never liked it never used it.And don't use automatic updates.Now that they are obliged not to include WMP on Windows in Europe maybe its time for them to include a removal tool for it.Just thought that removing it completely would get rid of the updates.But still getting updates for WMP 9-10-11 even though I have deleted them.I can remove the updates so no big deal.Just thought that maybe I could stop them arriving in the first place.

  eedcam 10:57 22 Apr 2008

Perhaps You must be allowing Wmp access on its own. Iuse Zone alarm and just deny it access permanently. never had any updates for it yet

  interzone55 13:47 22 Apr 2008

If you set Windows Update to notify you of updates then by deselecting WMP updates you have not actually downloaded anything.

I hope you don't use iTunes, Apple have started adding some very undesirable updates to their automatic update schedule...

  birdface 14:39 22 Apr 2008

Hi.No I download manually and tick don't show this update again.I don't have iTunes.I have been reading about some of their updates.Just a bit annoying there is only one empty WMP folder.I have gone into Safe Mode deleted it opened recycle bin and deleted it from there.But as soon as I connect to the Internet it comes back.Just a bit of a nuisance.

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