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anything to stop me installing vista on a 2nd pc?

  Anon-267277 14:15 27 Jun 2008

Is there any kind of protection, activation, registration malarkey that will stop me installing vista premium oem on a second pc?

I've been given a 2nd pc, but it has xp on it - i would prefer to put vista on it - just wondering if its going to lock me out after 30 days or something if i try to install the vista i currently have installed on machine number one


  Anon-305183 14:17 27 Jun 2008

ALmost certainly will lock you out after 30 days. No version can go on to more than one PC and OEM versions are tied to the one machine/motherboard.

  Anon-267277 14:31 27 Jun 2008

can't i just download a product license off a peer to peer sharing site? :-)

(just kidding folks)

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