By anyone's standards

  Forum Editor 19:57 30 May 2003

this is a rich and deeply interesting web site, and is a classic example of the type of thing the Internet is so good at ......disseminating information to a wider audience. Well done Pesala - I'm impressed by the content.

Having said that, I do have a couple of comments:-

1. I share the general feeling about the spinning logo - I find it irritating and an unecessarily jarring note.

2. Normally I dislike textured backgrounds, but in your case I can break my own rule - I like it, and think it's quite appropriate, it helps create a mood.

3. The body text font size is too large, and I would prefer to see my favourite 8point Verdana.

4. I found it quite difficult to read some of the text blocks. This was partly because of the font size, and partly because I think you need to lay out your tables differently. Try making the cells extend across the page, rather than running the text into narrow clumns. It will be much easier to read, and will look more 'friendly. If you can, scatter a few images amongst the text - they draw the eye, and relieve the tension that is created when a reader is confronted with a slab of text.

There are other little niggles, but they are very minor; all in all I liked your site very much. What a lot of hard work has gone into it!

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