For Anyone Who May Wish To Try Linux

  johndrew 19:35 19 Feb 2015

With the cost of both Windows and Mac OS being high I wondered if anyone here may find this article of interest. There are plenty of users already and if magazines are of interest they can be found easily.

  Batch 16:18 22 Feb 2015

bumpkin, I think you are right. But I also think that (to a fair extent) it currently tends to be older people that are more reluctant to change. But I'm not saying that it is specifically due to age, rather younger bods have been brought up in a much more dynamic world and are much more used to change (and I expect them to carry that "comfort with change" through to their latter lives).

In my case I've worked in IT for nearly 45 years and so am probably more used to change than many (of my age). Even so, I find assimilation of change more and more of a chore (partly because of lack of time).

  Belatucadrus 16:52 22 Feb 2015

Having tried assorted distros of Linux on my HP Mini when my desktop gave up the ghost I decided to go real bare bones and got a cheap compact PC and loaded it up with Mint Cinnamon. I've been using Open/Libreoffice for years so no headaches there and for the few occasions where I can't find a Linux alternative Wine and PlayonLinux have allowed me to run Windows originals.

There is a learning curve but I have found it rather easier than plodding through 8.1 which came with the laptop.

My loathing of 8.1 has been ameliorated by familiarity and learning how it works, I still think the interface is a dumb ass piece of marketing man junk.

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