For Anyone Who May Wish To Try Linux

  johndrew 19:35 19 Feb 2015

With the cost of both Windows and Mac OS being high I wondered if anyone here may find this article of interest. There are plenty of users already and if magazines are of interest they can be found easily.

  lotvic 20:30 19 Feb 2015

Thanks, that's an interesting article.

  Pine Man 10:34 20 Feb 2015

With the cost of both Windows and Mac OS being high

The last two versions of Mac OS were free and the next version of Windows will be free. How much cheaper do you want them?

  LastChip 11:18 20 Feb 2015

"the next version of Windows will be free"

Only if you're upgrading and probably as an appeaser to people after the Windows 8 disaster. See here. And both the systems you've quoted are severely locked down.

That doesn't help people still running XP, of which there are still thousands - if not millions worldwide.

As an aside, why people still battle with Windows licensing, product keys and all the rest of the rubbish and hoops you have to jump through, is beyond me. The truth is, I can have a complete operational Linux system up and running in about 15 minutes on a decent specified machine. Double that if it's older, but still a damn sight quicker than any Windows install I have to do, thankfully which are now few and far between and not at all, if I can avoid it.

The link johndrew provided, said it all.

1]: [click here

  robin_x 12:35 20 Feb 2015

I have tinkered over the years. It's nice to have a backup operating system and a change of scene.

I have installed W10 (on main laptop and it works enough) but I thought I'd have Ubuntu as well.

It's a good OS to recommend for emergencies since Windows drives are now shown on the Desktop Unity bar and Firefox is ready for use out of the box of course.


But I didn't want to run as Live CD/Flash or install as a full dual boot.

I wanted the Wubi/Windows dual boot and it's no longer supported and it's broken.

wubi.exe is still distributed in the iso though.

For Ubuntu 14.10 it fails at end of install. So I used 14.04, but that has another bug in it, and requires a quick, simple edit of Grub loader at boot time and then a further edit of a file to make it permanent.

I've just found now that there is a workaround for 14.10 after all.

click here

click here

Anyway I did the 14.04 correction a week ago, and it's trivial. But to find it took ages.

click here

It's all hardly conducive to attracting newbies.

  Batch 16:00 20 Feb 2015

I tinkered with the idea of Ubuntu when support for XP expired, but in the end went for Win7. Mostly because I share my PCs with SWMBO and I think she would struggle with Ubuntu if I wasn't around for any reason.

That said, I'm a firm believer in the idea that the OS should be largely transparent - it's the apps that important. I.e. I don't use a computer because I want to use an OS, I use a computer to get things done (on the web and in documents etc.) and it's the apps that support that that are really important. Having said that, one cannot get away from things that are more the province of the OS (e.g. file / disk management, networking) and Windows is a classic example of how it shouldn't be done (I can't comment on Ubuntu - it may not be any better).

Maybe I'll revisit again in 2020 when Win7 support expires. In the meantime I'm tending to use apps that are supported on Ubuntu as well.

  LastChip 12:03 21 Feb 2015

Batch, just considering your post about SWMBO, I think you may be right, but it's amazing how quickly people adapt and some say, it's the easiest system they've ever used.

However, I like tradition (boring if you like) and don't like change much as it's just something more I have to learn! So I bet SWMBO would take to Linux Mint (Cinnamon) like a duck to water, as visually it's just a pretty version of XP, with much more functionality and infinitely more secure.

While Ubuntu has done more than anyone to promote Linux and get it more widely known, the downside is it's marginalised many great distributions (distros) that can more than hold their own.

  Batch 17:37 21 Feb 2015

LastChip, it's not so much about SWMBO getting used to using it in the normal course of events (she's been using PCs almost as long as I have), but more what to do if things go haywire and I'm not around to sort it out. We know plenty of people with varying degrees of Windows knowledge, but zilch in the way of Linux of any sort.

  LastChip 23:10 21 Feb 2015

That's an interesting comment Batch, about things going wrong. Please don't take me wrong, I'm not trying to pick holes in what you've written, just very interested in peoples perceptions and real world usage of Linux.

If you and your wife are anything like me and my family, you probably use email and the Internet (maybe with Firefox or Chrome) and probably write the occasional letter or keep a spreadsheet (maybe in Libre Office), perhaps you even use Skpe if you have distant friends or relatives. So I ask myself, what would you do if things go wrong with any one of those in Windows?

The chances are you'd probably either close the program down and reopen it, or reboot the computer. Or if you had a freeze on your hands, hard reboot the computer with the power or reset buttons. That's no different in Linux. So if I may ask, what were you thinking about when you wrote that, as clearly there's something at the back of your mind that somehow Linux is different in those circumstances. Just interested, that's all.

  Batch 15:05 22 Feb 2015

LastChip, we maybe (slightly) at cross purposes. I'm not commenting on Linux specifically, but more the fact that Windows experience and knowledge is ubiquitous, whereas knowledge and experience of alternatives is much much thinner on the ground (although it may well be Linux is second to Windows - but a very distant second).

I'm more than happy to get under the covers and sort out driver, BIOS, re-install OS etc. issues with (although I begrudge the time it takes some times) and would be the same with another OS (for example, I'm about to restore my Android tablet to an earlier version of Android as I don't like Lollipop).

If the proverbial hit the fan (and I wasn't around), SWMBO could get some Windows help relatively easily, another OS (be that Linux or whatever) - c'est une autre paire de manches.

I'm not saying it is a show stopper (in moving to A Linux OS), but it is a consideration.

  bumpkin 16:01 22 Feb 2015

I think that for most PC users there is a tendency to stick with what they know and that works for them. I don't mind playing with Linux to see what it is about as I have plenty of time to do so. A lot of people are reluctant to even upgrade Windows for fear of being left in the dark as to how to use the new version. Even here some members still prefer XP. Windows 8 was a bad experience for many so I can understand a reluctance to try Linux or any other OS.

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