Anyone who can help? Web design / HNC computing

  amiwills 10:01 13 Dec 2015

I am a young woman who wants to get in to computing, I am most interested in web design/development. My intentions were to study a computing access course and then go on to study at degree level, however, there are no colleges within a reasonable distance who offer access to computing. I spoke with an IT tutor who recommended I do access to business, and then do a mini project or tests to prove my computing skills in order to get on to degree level IT.

I am unsure what the project/tests would involve and I am worried about failing, I really want this. I thought it might be worth doing some short courses in IT while studying access to business, to brush up on my skills and better prepare me for ‘proving my skills’ but after searching, it seems there are no general short courses, each of them focus on a specific area. Although I am confident with computers, the only qualification I have is a BTEC Level 2 diploma which was very basic and that was a few years ago now.

What would you do in my position? Is it worth me doing some short courses, and if so which area do I focus on? Do I focus on web design as that is what I am most interested in? What will the (HNC) tutor be looking for when I do a test/project to prove my skills?

The short courses I have found so far are ‘Creating a Website’ ‘Coding for The Web’ and ‘Web Databasing (MySQL)’ Each of these courses have beginner or advanced levels.

Any other advice is also very much appreciated. Thank you!

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