anyone where i can buy ms office 97

  Rocker 14:01 21 Oct 2003

hi hope someone can help im looking microsoft office 97 for my sister. she cant afford office xp so i was wondering if any knows where i buy a secandhand copey of ms office 97 cheep. thanks

  BIGBAGGY 14:08 21 Oct 2003

I think I may have a copy for sale mail me.
[email protected]

  tenplus1 14:28 21 Oct 2003

I have 2 copies of Microsoft Office Professional 4.3 & Bookshelf going if you're interested...

  tenplus1 14:29 21 Oct 2003

oops, forgot my e-mail :)

[email protected]

  expertec 14:58 21 Oct 2003

Personal email addresses - please do not include your email address when posting a thread or a message in a thread. Personal privacy is something that once compromised is difficult to regain, and posting an address in a web forum is akin to advertising it on TV - it can be read (and used) by thousands of strangers.

You can send any user an e-mail by clicking the yellow envelope next to their name.

  expertec 15:02 21 Oct 2003

For a "cheep" copy of Office 97 click here or Office 2000 click here=

  woodchip 16:01 21 Oct 2003

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