Is anyone using sygate 5.6 firewall ?

  Eargasm 22:21 30 Dec 2004

Hi all

I have sygate 5.5 installed as 5.6 was causing me a lot of grief, and others too click here

I have just installed sp2 (xphome) and disabled the windows firewall.

Am message keeps popping up at start up from sygate telling me to upgrade to latest version, as i am haven't am i as well protected with 5.5 ?

( I have tried ZA a while back but kept getting true vector errors)

Is anyone out there using sygate 5.6 with no probs ?


  ACOLYTE 22:33 30 Dec 2004

I have 5.6 with xp sp2 and no problems,i found it a lot easier to set up the shared network with sygate one click in the box did it,ZA was a pain.You can turn the update thing off or change it to check maually i think,never happened to me.

  Eargasm 22:42 30 Dec 2004

Thanks, the main problem i had with it (pre sp2) was that cpu was 100% (task manager showed dr watson taking all the resources)

Am i ok sticking with 5.5 or should i try it again ?

( sorry about the original post, a 2 year old could of made more sense!!)

  ACOLYTE 22:49 30 Dec 2004

Dr watson is a error reporting tool that sends to microsoft if you let it,so i dont know why it should be running all the time unless you had lots of errors.If you can turn off the popups then i think you should be ok with 5.5,but xp may keep telling you that its reporting there is an upgrade available.Tell xp security settings you have your own firewall and you will monitor it,may stop the xp popups may not.I have version and i havent had any errors with it and you can turn the notification popups off.I must be lucky lol.

  D G 23:00 30 Dec 2004

I'm running the latest sygate with sp2 and like
ACOLYTE I'm having no problems.DG

  GaT7 23:02 30 Dec 2004

You could also try the free Kerio Personal Firewall click here. G

Some online firewall tests you may want to run with v5.5: ShieldsUp click here, Symantec (Norton) click here, Sygate click here, PC Flank click here & AuditMyPC
click here.

  Eargasm 23:04 30 Dec 2004

Thanks guy's

I'll give it another go tommorrow.

  ACOLYTE 23:10 30 Dec 2004

I did the shields up test both with sygate on and off, and the windows firewall stealthed 1 more port than sygate did,port 139 or 149 cant remember now.

  Eargasm 23:31 30 Dec 2004

Full stealth here with 5.5 using Shieldsup

Thanks again.

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