Anyone using PlusNet as their ISP?

  Nosmas 21:18 28 Aug 2003

On my home page for PlusNet click here and also on click here there are various links to News Headlines. For the past couple of days none of these links has worked for me. They each have the format click here and only differ by the string of numbers at the end.

Clicking on any of the links brings up a new window with the link address but then it hangs and eventually I get "The page cannot be displayed" error message.

Having raised this problem with PlusNet's Customer Support, they didn't have any problems with the links and have suggested (a) Deleting Temporary Internet files, (b) rebooting, and (c)checking if there is a proxy server. I have done the first two and nothing has changed. I am not sure how to check for a proxy server; the only reference I can find is in menu Tools -> Internet Options -> Advanced and under HTTP1.1 Settings the box 'Use HTTP1.1 through proxy connections' is un-ticked. They then say if none of this works then my browser may not be installed properly. I can't accept this as my browser (IE) has been and still is working for all other sites I visit and any links on them. Furthermore the News Headlines links have previously worked, and have only been troublesome for the last couple of days. I have even gone through the IE Repair process without any result.

Is anyone out there having similar problems with these links from PlusNet, or can someone suggest an answer to the problem please?

  Nosmas 21:35 28 Aug 2003

Many thanks for your two very prompt responses. I have tried going to click here from this page and still get "The page cannot be displayed" error message, so it seems it must be something wrong on my system.

Anyone have any ideas please?

  hssutton 21:45 28 Aug 2003

Working Ok for me.

Bodi it seems strange that you are having prolems since upgrading. Mine was a similar experience. Until recently I was with Gioserve, but after upgrading to XP Pro it became almost unusable, so I switched to Plusnet, this as been fine, apart from the last 2-3 days sometimes taking a number of attempt to connect.

  Nosmas 00:09 29 Aug 2003

By 'PlusNet automatic setup' I presume you mean the Automatic configuration for a BT Line (or a non-BT Line) that appears on click here If so I note that this is for dial-up only, and is no good for me as I am on Broadband.

If that is not what you have in mind, please can you give a bit more detail?

  rickf 11:48 29 Aug 2003

Using XP, Plusnet and bb. Just been there and its fine.

  Nosmas 21:48 29 Aug 2003

As stated in my original post, none of PlusNet's suggestions resolved the problem, but this morning I again clicked on one of the links and to my surprise it worked perfectly normally!

I have reported this back to PN's Customer Service and asked if they can offer any explanation for the SUDDEN malfunctioning followed by an equally sudden reversion to normal working. I suspect they will be unable to offer any explanation, but if they do I will post back here for the possible benefit of other members. In the meantime I will 'green tick' this thread.

  Nosmas 21:50 29 Aug 2003

Sorry I should have said 'Many thanks' to all who have responded to this thread. Nosmas

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