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Anyone using Opera browser for Windows?

  Gordon Freeman 11:23 19 Dec 2019

I've just been testing this browser on win 10 desktop, & wondered if anyone else had tried it at all? Seems as quick as Edge & Firefox, &, once it's set up, it seems to perform quite well in comparison.

It has a free vpn with it, & also ad-blocker incorporated, so no need for a range of add-ins. Added bonus it seems to block ads & videos on here, which is always a bonus. You can also add the likes of 'I don't like cookies' to it, like you can in Firefox (but not Edge).

As with anything, it's a case of getting used to it, but must say am quite impressed thus far.

My only gripe is I can't find a setting to delete cookies on exit, but apart from that, it's looking quite good.

  alanrwood 12:42 19 Dec 2019

Been using Opera for a couple of years now as my main browser. Forget about the VPN, it is slow and gives little choice of location

  Old Deuteronomy 12:50 19 Dec 2019

I've been using Opera since Opera 7.5, many years ago. I have tried others over the years, including Firefox and Chrome but, always come back to Opera as it just seems to suit me best. I do however, have Vivaldi, as a back-up for those rare occasions a website doesn't work correctly in Opera.

  Gordon Freeman 13:05 19 Dec 2019

I'm finding it quite effective against ads/vids on here without the need to find ad-blockers...not seen one ad or vid thus far. I've previously been an Edge/Firefox user, along with several ad-blockers in tow, but am impressed with Opera, even though it's only day 1.

Is there a solution to auto-clearing browsing history on exit?

  mikeyrh 14:12 19 Dec 2019

Hello Gordon, yes it is possible to clear cookies when you close Opera. Open Opera, go to Settings, Advanced, Privacy & Security, Site Settings, then click on Cookies & Site Data, then enable clear Cookies & Site Data when you quit Opera.

  Gordon Freeman 16:10 19 Dec 2019

mikeyrh: thanks, most useful.

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