Anyone Using Netscape

  anchor 17:51 03 Oct 2003

I am reposting in this forum, as it might have a wider audience.

Please have a look at this thread:

click here

If you have Netscape, what versions of Java are you using; Sun or Microsoft?.

  keenan 18:00 03 Oct 2003

Using this version click here
with Sun.

Its my preferred browser.

  -pops- 18:24 03 Oct 2003

Netscape 7.1 with the "real" version of Java i.e. the one from Mr Sun.

  anchor 07:59 04 Oct 2003

Thank you keenan and -pops- for your replies.

Could you please try this site of mine and see if there are any problems in seeing the moving panorama. Many thanks.

click here

  -pops- 09:01 04 Oct 2003

I see a view of the lighthouse at the entrance to Venice harbour. Nothing moves.

  anchor 09:20 04 Oct 2003

Thanks -pops-.

The image, (of the old Venetian harbour of Chania in Crete), should gently revolve. The problem for you I suspect may be due to differences between Sun Java, and Microsoft Virtual machine. I have found that they are different, as when I installed the Sun version, I also had problems.

To remove the Sun Java, I used GoBack to revert to an earlier time.

Can you tell me if Sun Java appears in the "add/remove" programmes in control panel.

Thanks for your assistance.

  keenan 20:32 04 Oct 2003

just to let you know, i,ve just clicked the link again- now everthing is working o.k.
Panaorama -zoom etc.

any chance of a free ticket :-)

  -pops- 07:12 05 Oct 2003

Yes, Sun Java is in Add/remove on my machine.

  anchor 08:21 05 Oct 2003

Thank you both for your help. My question is answered.

I think that she might be better using MS Virtual machine.

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