Anyone used XP Automated System Recovery?

  Nosmas 12:43 16 May 2004

I am presently running W98 but intend to move soon to XP. Recently I read an article click here in which it says that although Automated System Recovery is automatically included with XP Professional, it is not in the Home edition.

The article goes on to state that it is possible to install and use the same Backup Utility that is available to Professional edition users BUT, it is not advisable to try using the ASR Wizard with Home, and the floppy disks created by Home are unreliable.

If the Backup Utility IS THE SAME as in Professional, why should there be these differences when used in Home? Has anyone had any experience of using this with Home?

  Stuartli 13:51 16 May 2004

Sorry, but that information is incorrect.

Backup is not installed by default in XP Home but is included on the installation CD-ROM.

Look in \valueadd\msft\ntbackup and install NTBACKUP.MSI by double-clciking on it; once you install the Backup utility it works to the same standards as in XP Pro by using either the Wizard or manually.

Backup is found from Start>Programs>Accessories>System Tools>Backup once installed.

  GrahamP 16:08 16 May 2004

Stuartli: my information from "Windows XP Inside Out"(Microsoft Press)is that although you can create an ASR backup in XP Home, there is no option to restore it. Hence it's not just unreliable but unusable. If you've managed to succesfully restore an ASR backup (ie a full system volume backup)on Home I'd be delighted to know as I have both Pro and Home and regularly use ASR to create an as new system on Pro but cannot on home.

Nosmas: btw, to use ASR to restore your operating system you need a backup medium that can take an uncompressed copy of your system volume minus pagefile and hibernation file. It's not feasible to use floppies or CD's. It also uses one floppy to store a couple of small files it uses to control the restore.

  Stuartli 16:32 16 May 2004

No, I use XP Pro. But everything I've come across about XP states that the Backup is available from the Home XP installation disk as I mentioned and operates at the same level.

However, Microsoft does confirm your comment at:


  computernerdiamnot 17:32 16 May 2004

Just down what stuartli posted and it is there and i run xp home

Cheers Stuartli

  computernerdiamnot 17:50 16 May 2004

Well read the read me file and this is what it says.

NTBackup Backup/Restore and ASR release notes



1. ASR is not supported on home edition.

IF you install NtBackup from the CD to the Home Edition, ASR functionality will appear to work fine during
the backup session. Since the setup does not support ASR in the home edition, there is no way to initiate
the ASR restore in case of a disaster. If you need to restore from this session, install Windows XP manually
and then restore from the ASR media.

2. Backup to CDRW

If you decide to backup to a CDRW, you cannot target that device directly. You must create a backup set of
650MB or less and backup to a file. After the file is complete, copy the file to the CDRW.

Please refer to the readme for XP home edition for additional notes.

  Nosmas 21:12 16 May 2004

From the posts above it seems to me that Microsoft cannot make up its mind what facilities its users should be able to use. First it makes ASR available in the Pro edition, but not by default in the Home edition. MS then provides the option to install ASR in the Home edition but it is virtually useless because there is no restore facility and one needs to go through a convoluted procedure in order to effect a recovery in a 'catastrophic malfunction' (MS phrase!) situation.

I think I will forget about ASR when eventually I am able to move over to XP Home, and will backup to an external drive and use System Restore if the need arises.

  Nosmas 21:14 16 May 2004

P.S. Thanks to Stuartli, GrahamP and computernerdiamnot for your contributions.

  Stuartli 08:57 17 May 2004

By one of those remarkable coincidences, this very question has been raised on Page 148 in Helpline in the new July 2004 (issue 108) of PC Advisor.

  Nosmas 09:48 17 May 2004

Thanks. I will have a read.

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