anyone used eclipse computers?

  nufc2009 11:20 15 Dec 2008

Hi i ordered a atx case that amounted to about £75 with power supply, that was last wednesday and i know its christmas and the busy time of year, but i have only received one email with my order #

i emailed them asking for a order status update and as of yet no one has got back. im going to phone tomorrow if no response, the site is secure with ssl and after checking numerous sites the majority say its a reputable company.

anybody had experiences with eclipse computers?


  curofone 11:54 15 Dec 2008

They have quite a poor repuation for delievery times and customer services but there products tend to be cheap.

Post is really messed up at the moment for xmas, I am also still waiting for a product from another company that i know was posted first class on wednesday.

  nufc2009 12:22 15 Dec 2008

ok, so how long do you think is fair to wait before i should contact them? i mean they had a option to pay more and get next day delivery apparently, so far not thats not the case.


  curofone 13:48 15 Dec 2008

To be honest i dont know, like i said the post is messed up at the moment so i guess the only thing that you can do is contact them and actually make sure that it has been dispatched to you.

I assume that a case and power supply was not actually sent using royal mail though as it is bit big so i would call them and find out when/if it has been sent, who with and if they have a tracking number.

  nufc2009 14:30 15 Dec 2008

ok cheers, gonna give them a ring now..

  bnorth 16:03 15 Dec 2008

I found a lot of bad feedback for Eclipse and I certainly regretted ordering from.
Maybe most people ie over 50% of people are happy with them but they seem to have a lot of bad feedback compared to most other PC companies and they are not a big company.

google Eclipse Computers (of Coventry) and they seem to
have a terrible reputation for product reliability and customer service.
for the most part the feedback on numerous boards is frighteningly negative.

"Eclipse computers gave me the worst customer service I have ever received.
They took something like 3x the advertised time it would take
to build and deliver the thing.
They also sent the computer to the wrong address.
All in all they were a disaster"
click here

"I wonder if some big anti-Eclipse banner could be made a sticky?
Complete with links to all our horror stories about them..."
click here

"The worst thing is - I saw the Romulus reviews after my first couple of orders with them and thought
"Nah, they are not that bad" and continued to order from them -
despite the increasing frequency of their "hiccups"
click here

"Delivery date was given however date arrived and no computer ....
The computer has been nothing but problems since purchase and
it turned out that I did not get what was ordered"
click here

"I paid for a computer in Nov 07, arrived 3 weeks later, not 10-14 days.
Faulty on arrival - notified them immediately.
Collected computer on 3rd Jan, tried to charge for repairs, which I refused.
Still waiting for money back 25 Mar 08.
They've had my money for more than 4 months and for most of that they've had my computer as well!!
click here

"The Worst Computer Company EVER conceived in British Computing History (Eclipse Computers (Coventry))"
click here

"click here - crap customer service
(I worked there many moons ago) but dirt cheap."
click here

"Eclipse-computers has the worst customer friend got a custom PC from them and they glued on the heatsink
and there was glue all in the inside of the PC
It took some time to get that sorted.
I personally am still waiting for them to send me a replacement DVDRW drive...been waiting since July, they always tell me they'll send it out 'now', but it's never done."
click here

PC Advisor posters:
"Oh "first mistake" ( buying from Eclipse computers)"
click here
"i used to work there in tech support
The company is a joke"
click here

"Purchased at/on:- @ click here on Thursday, 7 Feb 2008 12:11
... suddenly after a few days the PC wouldn't even POST, I couldn't reach BIOS."
click here

google reviews give them 2/5 out of 5 with 43 negative reviews out of 60
"Avoid at all costs!" (most recent)
click here

"I would like to post a warning about Eclipse Computers on this Remote Control Forum."
click here

"The Trading Standards say this is illegal and they will act against the company if enough people complain - so DO IT TODAY! "
click here

"Got PC has had 4 bluecreens and now says OS missing on a black screen. Very dubious cust services"
click here

"I would find an alternative to eclipse computers, they have a very bad reputation."
click here

  nufc2009 17:06 15 Dec 2008

dam it, i payed extra £ to get next day delivery, i need this new pc building before crimbo - anyway i can get my money back from them, i read a few reviews saying they were good, wish i just payed extra money somewhere else.

gonna ring tomorrow now, if they dont move themselves im gonna keep on ringing and ringing. they never replied to my email some day or two ago, dam it i should get my money back

  nufc2009 17:07 15 Dec 2008

*should try and get my money back from them

  nufc2009 17:13 15 Dec 2008

ringing now..cant get through *#!x*!

  nufc2009 17:18 15 Dec 2008

ok, they said to expect a email on wednesday, and have the item delivered thursday or friday - so much for paying the extra money for next day delivery guaranteed!

will see how this goes...

  Technotiger 18:53 15 Dec 2008

I have bought several items from them over the past few years, with no problems at all.

The latest purchase I ordered on Wednesday of last week - the items arrived today, as expected.

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