Anyone use Trend Pc-cillin 2004 Internet security?

  Confab 13:22 16 Mar 2005

I’ve noticed over the past week or so that my PC has slowed down considerably. Apps take longer to open and surfing is a lot slower than usual. I’ve narrowed the problem down to Real Time Agent, Trends real-time virus monitoring. When I turn this off my PC miraculously springs back to life with everything running normally, switch it on and its back to running at snails pace again.

I’m sure it can’t be my PC because I reformatted my HD a few weeks ago and its virtually empty (about 2GB used space). I’ve run all the usual cleaners/scanners etc, which are up to date – all to no avail.

I’ve used Pc-cillin for about 6 years and I’m reluctant to ditch such an impressive product but as my pc is now ancient (PIII 450mhz, 385MB ram) maybe it’s time for me to use something that’s less demanding.

Before I e-mail Trend, has anyone else experienced a slowdown with their PC?


  Confab 22:56 17 Mar 2005

bump one last time for the night shift


  Zaphod Beeblebrox 06:20 18 Mar 2005

your within spec click here
but i would suspect if you have other progs running as well you might be struggling a bit. you dont say what o/s you are running if it is xp that is quite memory hungry in itself and if you have any other programs running in the background it may be worth having a look and see if you really need them running all the time

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