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Anyone use sound bar on their TV ?

  iscanut 16:49 20 Mar 2018

Like many others of us I'm sure, we have difficulty at time hearing TV dialogue clearly and am wondering if a sound bar would help. Do any of you use one and if so can you recommend one and is there any particular one which you think is good and good value for money. Thanks.

  Forum Editor 17:26 20 Mar 2018

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  wee eddie 18:24 20 Mar 2018

Some Sound Bars have more powerful Amplifiers than others but, basically, you are just turning up the volume.

I'm afraid, like me, a trip down the High Street to get your hearing tested and, possible, Hearing Aids. That way, your neighbours will not be complaining.

My little brother is a convert, says that he regrets not getting them fitted years ago

  compumac 18:32 20 Mar 2018

I have a sound bar and it is not the same as turning up the volume. With slim TV's - the current vogue, the speakers within them are not as good as external speakers or soundbars.

  Pine Man 18:41 20 Mar 2018

I tried a variety of sound bars at various stores and found that the best way to improve the sound of the TV was the use of Bose Computer Speakers.

click here results are amazing and they just plug into the earphone socket of the TV. No separate amplifiers, bass units or remote controls. They have to be heard to be believed.


  wee eddie 19:06 20 Mar 2018

Almost any Computer Speakers should work with a TV because they are Mains powered and have their own Amplifiers.

TV Manufacturers are prone to put pretty weedy speakers in their sets and a power boost from an external source will definitely benefit you. In reality, you are just adding volume and possible a higher quality of reproduction.

  wiganken2 19:20 20 Mar 2018

I have a cheap (£50) sound bar installed and if I switch it on, after listening to the TV with it off, the difference is noticeably better. It is not just more powerful but the sound quality is better as well. Here are two examples: - click here, click here and click here Unless you are a Hi-Fi enthusiast these do the job. No, I have no financial interest in Argos other than a satisfied customer.

  AroundAgain 19:36 20 Mar 2018

Unless you wear hearing aids, wireless headphones are great for listening to TV etc

With hearing aids, I've yet to find a decent solution :(

  bumpkin 20:20 20 Mar 2018

I find external speakers a lot better "Creative" do decent ones at a reasonable price.

  ened 06:54 21 Mar 2018

Any afficionado will spurn the use of Sound Bars.I turn the TV volume off and plug it into the Hi-Fi.

  Pine Man 08:19 21 Mar 2018


You do know what BOSE stands for?

Yes, I certainly do. Following the purchase and installation of both the speakers on my TV and a Bose Wave System Radio/CD Player.

Best Overall Sound Equipment

Don't knock it until you've tried it;-)

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