Anyone Use this Program?

  Rtus 14:11 13 Nov 2003

Web Easy Professional click here & how good /bad is it ???

  Taran 14:36 13 Nov 2003

"Web Easy Professional click here" when it's at home ?


  Rtus 14:50 13 Nov 2003

I hadnt notice the Click here wasnt Blue ...LOL..

click here

  DieSse 14:54 13 Nov 2003

I've used the Web Easy products for several years, and have just bought the latest - not really used it yet though.

I've always found them very easy to construct simple web sites - I've used them to build some commercial sites, though I don't get involved in big projects.

It's as simple to use as DTP - real drag and drop - as with any package you find a few wrinkles along the awy - but never anything really problematical. I shall be using the new version in anger shortly, but at first sight it looks like a straightforward upgrade rather than a revolution.

I like it because it gives me time to concentrate on the look and feel of the site, rather than continually worrying out how the program works.

  Rtus 15:17 13 Nov 2003

Thanks DieSse ..I was looking at FP But will have to go with cheaper options..

  Rtus 11:24 14 Nov 2003

any chance of viewing any of the sites you've created ? email me with the url's if thats possible & you don't mind of course

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