Anyone use Pipex broadband

  Halmer 22:33 11 Mar 2004

and if so have you been having 'Page cannot be displayed' problems this week?

It dials up via my ADSL modem fine and the two little TVs appear at the bottom right. IE also fails to download any mails.

I have tried to speak to Pipex support three times this week only to be told that 'due to the high volume of calls' they can't speak to me. Presumably others are having the same problem.

  LastChip 22:40 11 Mar 2004

Yes I use Pipex and No, I've had no problems.

  David-235429 22:56 11 Mar 2004

Hi Halmer

yes, I have the same problem but usually happens when i change between users on Windows XP. I dont think I set the modem up right. I imagine that if its set up right you should be able to go from user to user without any problem but although the modem is still connected and the 2 green lights on I get the same message you get.

It has happened before when I have just powered up the pc (without even changing user) and rebooting has cured it.

I;ve been told that upgrading the Motherboard driver (AS Rock PE Pro) might also help.

  ch0pper 01:37 12 Mar 2004

I have had some problems with Pipex this week.

Disconnections followed by 'user not recognised' on attempting to reconnect.

This has been in the middle of the night, so I can't phone them.

That being said, the problem seems to resolve itself with 30 mins, so I assume that it's a problem at their end.

  anchor 09:05 12 Mar 2004

No Pipex problems for months here in NW London. Could it be a regional thing?.

When this happens try a re-boot as DavidinMK suggested.

I recall this happening to me once or twice in the past, and re-boot cured it.

  colberly 09:12 12 Mar 2004

No problems here, but on looking at the Pipex site then status it appears they have been doing some upgrading and there is an apology for anyone who has had problems.

  Halmer 17:51 12 Mar 2004

for that people

  david.h 19:15 12 Mar 2004

no problems with pipex in sunny staines

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