Anyone tried the full Nero 6 trial version?

  TommyRed 14:49 02 Jun 2004

I've only got the cut down version of Nero 6 OEM, downloaded the full trial version and ended up with exactly what I had before. I had uninstalled the previous version. I need to try something on Nero Burning ROM 6, make a bootable disc. It wont work on the version I have even though there is a bootable disc section. TR

  hugh-265156 14:53 02 Jun 2004

the demo is the full version for 30 days.

maybe your old version has left behind some reg entries that are conflicting with the new version 6 trial.

try cleaning up and then installing the demo again click here

  TommyRed 15:57 02 Jun 2004

Thanks that worked, problem I've got now is I'm trying to make a bootable XP installation disc. Woodchip mentioned a solution using Nero Burning ROM 6, which I don't have only the cut down OEM version. So I've now got this demo to make my disc I follow his instructions click here timed at 17.41 & 21.11 but when I get to the file I want to burn it just wants to open it. Any ideas? TR

  TommyRed 16:39 02 Jun 2004


  woodchip 16:43 02 Jun 2004

What happens if you follow through on letting it open it. Hope you have a CDRW in drive

  woodchip 16:44 02 Jun 2004

Presumably it's wanting to see all the files

  hugh-265156 17:14 02 Jun 2004

try not clicking on the file.

expand the + in the middle file browser window to show the file you want to burn and then drag it across to the left hand side iso window and click the little burn current compilation icon.

  TommyRed 17:45 02 Jun 2004

Will try out after my dinner.TR

  TommyRed 19:15 02 Jun 2004

Well I think it worked, the disc is bootable and includes the XP files on it. What I had to do was enter Nero Burning ROM & under 'New Compilation' highlight CD-ROM (boot), make sure Image radio button was ticked & then click 'New'. Then instructions as huggy71, find XP files (bcd) drag folder over and drop under ISO1 column and then burn current compilation. Thanks for all your efforts everybody over a number of threads especially, but not exclusively, Eargasm, woodchip and huggy71. Two last questions, when it boots it arrives at an A:\> prompt. How would I recover a missing or corrupted file or files? As I made this without slipstreaming SP1 I assume it'll ask for a SP1 disk, can I make one, a bit simpler than this would be advisable. TR

  hugh-265156 19:22 02 Jun 2004

this is a guess as i have never used nero to make a boot disk but the A: prompt may be due to it being set as floppy emulation maybe.

click new/cdrom(boot)icon then the boot tab and then select the 'type of emulation' you want from the list.

A: will be your cdrom boot disc pretending to be a floppy.

to access your floppy it should become B:

  TommyRed 19:36 02 Jun 2004

Emulation variants are:- No Emulation;Floppy Emulation (FE) 1.20Mb; FE 1.44Mb;FE 2.88Mb and Hard Drive Emulation. Is it the last one? TR

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