Anyone still having problems with Lycos mail?

  escribe 20:52 25 Jul 2003

I haven't been able to get in for weeks - when I log in, all I get is a blank page. Can anyone explain why?

  Valvegrid 21:05 25 Jul 2003

Sorry to hear your still having problems, are you getting nothing at all? I know it sounds a silly question when you said the page was blank, but I just want to clarify your not getting 'Page cannot be found' or something like that. Also remind us what browser your using?


By the way, I have been using Lycos all evening without problem.

  Holographic_man 21:48 25 Jul 2003

I use lycos with no probs, e-mail is ok and I use chat too.

  escribe 14:03 29 Jul 2003

Thanks to those who've replied ... to answer your questions, I go to the homepage, click on the e-mail tab, put in my username and password.
It then appears to log me in - the bar at the top says I'm in Lycosmail, the Lycos header is at the top and all the tabs for folders and so on are on the left - but where my Inbox should be, there's nothing, just a blank.
I'm using the same browsers I've used all along - Internet Explorer 5 for Mac at work, the same for Windows at home - but nothing.
Does this give anyone any clues?
Thanks for your help.

  Valvegrid 17:26 29 Jul 2003

That is a mystery, I've been experimenting on Lycos to see if I can still log in with all the scripting and Java applets off and I can still log in! So it's not that. The only thing that I notice is that you are using IE5 at work, if this the same at home it's a pretty old browser now, it may be worth upgrading it to IE6. This may have something to do with Lycos upgrading their server a few weeks ago, it all seems to tie in with your problems.

The only other thing I can suggest is opening your emails via POP3 in OutLook Express.

We'll see if someone has any better idea when the post goes to the top.


  escribe 00:06 03 Aug 2003

I've just bought a new desktop for home - Dell Dimension 2400, no problems so far, touch wood - and the new browser works fine with Lycos. So it seems Valvegrind was right: if you've got IE5 or Netscape 5, you can forget using Lycos mail.

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