Anyone with some knowledge of FTPS?

  ShorN 19:59 05 Aug 2005

For the past few days i havent been able to log onto my FTP webspace.
I have tried through IE, FlashFXP, and Dreamweaver, and the connection constantly times out.

I have contacted my ISP and they say they can log into it so its a local problem. (with my PC).

Now I havent really changed anything recently, except i uniinstalled Norton Internet security + av 2004, and replaced with just NAV2005.
Ive tried connecting whilst tuning antivirus off and firewall off but still times out.

It also appears that i cannot connect to any other Ftps, (I tried click here, as instructed by my isp but it timed out.)

Anyone aware of any issues that may affect me connecting to my ftp?

  De Marcus™ 20:02 05 Aug 2005

Try emptying your temporary internet files and try FTP again

  ShorN 20:29 05 Aug 2005

Ive done that and still no joy

  De Marcus™ 20:34 05 Aug 2005

try running ipconfig /flushdns from the command line

  ShorN 20:44 05 Aug 2005

sorry can you elaborate on the last suggstion please.

  De Marcus™ 20:54 05 Aug 2005

click on start, then run and type into the box cmd. press enter. A black box will come up, type into the black box at the prompt and exactlt as it appears here: ipconfig /flushdns

Note the space between ipconfig and /flushdns.

press enter

  ShorN 20:57 05 Aug 2005

ok thanks for explaining that. Ive just tried it and it said dns revolver cache flush successfully, but i am still unable to connect.

  De Marcus™ 21:04 05 Aug 2005

try reducing your security settings in ie via the tools menu, internet options, privacy.

  ShorN 21:18 05 Aug 2005

im already set to low, and ive tryed with "accept all cookies".

I jsut dont understand, a few days ago it was fine, now it just wont have it!

  De Marcus™ 21:20 05 Aug 2005

have you tried a system restore (presuming your running xp, me, 2000) ?

  octal 21:29 05 Aug 2005

It sounds remarkably like a port is being blocked, I know you've tried turning off the firewall, but I just wonder.........

By the way, who is you ISP?

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