Anyone recommend a simple programming software?

  herc182 13:16 08 Jan 2012

I want a piece of software where I can plan tasks. It seems that Primavera and MS Project are the closest to what I want, but really all I need is to have something that allows me to put a timeline along the top and a list of tasks / jobs etc along the side. I do this a lot a work and would like to NOT use excel where I have to create something different each time!

Any ideas? Freeware would be perfect, but dont mind paying up to £50 for something. Certainly not the expense of MS project or Primavera!


  Ventad 13:36 08 Jan 2012

have a look at bbc/click iplayer for today they mentioned a web site that teaches you programming cannot think of the name of the web site

  herc182 13:54 08 Jan 2012

I don't want to learn computer programming. Just use some software for project management to schedule tasks etc.


  herc182 14:05 08 Jan 2012

Perhaps project planning is a better description of what I am looking for?

  Belatucadrus 15:34 08 Jan 2012
  herc182 17:05 08 Jan 2012

Thanks. That is a great tool but am more looking for something that allows you to input tasks and you can see an overall timeline view, like a proper programme


  Belatucadrus 17:17 09 Jan 2012

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