anyone recommend b/band supplier for £20 or under

  ZEROTOLERANCE 13:18 12 Dec 2004

i was on wanadoo but we fell out, iwas paying £16 pm
for 512kb BB with i think unlimited dowload

but every one else ive looked at, [with the same pakage as i had with wanadoo]wants around £24-£27pm
this may not seem a lot but im a student with a budget. it has to be unlimited d/load because i do alot of d/loading.

there must be another wanadoo type out there,
BT do a big list but i dont have hours to go through them looking for prices [especially as im temprly on dial up]

so reccomendations please

thanx in advance

  TomJerry 13:24 12 Dec 2004

Tesco £19.99, unlimit, no connection fee, free modem.

The problem is they have big backlog to clear, so you will not get into connected this side of Xmas.

Another cheat way, get it first with Virin, £24.99 no limit, no start up fee, monthly contract. After a month, migrate (switch to) another one, for example V21, £16.99 migration fee £10.

  Dorsai 13:35 12 Dec 2004

click here

I have the 3x. £16/month. £25 setup. Unlimited. took 10 days about, to activate. Happy with it.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 13:37 12 Dec 2004

yes i wanted to go the tesco route,

but they dont accept my particular credit card, needed to set it up

  ZEROTOLERANCE 13:43 12 Dec 2004


thanks mate

  The Kestrel 13:48 12 Dec 2004

Try Pipex. £19.99 for 512kbps Solo 500 Lite, including 1Gb up/download per month. This is OK unless you intend to download lots of music and/or images. There are no set up fees and a free usb modem included. Excellent quality service and customer support.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 13:51 12 Dec 2004

looked at them also but the 1gb limit is no use as i do d/l and u/l a lot of stuff

  ade.h 13:55 12 Dec 2004

I've just signed up to Freedom 2 Surf - 1 or 2 meg p/sec for £20 (you get 2 meg if your line allows). The only caveat; it's limited to 5Gb per month, but you can buy extra data as required, and 5Gb is quite generous. ADSL Guide recommends this ISP, as well as Pipex and Nildram, over the likes of Tiscali and Wannadoo. My service will be connected in a few days - if your thread is still open be then, I'll let you know if it's any good.

  ade.h 13:59 12 Dec 2004

BTW. The 5Gb is download - upload is not metered.

  961 14:08 12 Dec 2004

click here give a good guide to service standards and prices

Perhaps I can suggest Freenetname @£17.99 for unlimited 256kbps unless you are desperate for speed

  ZEROTOLERANCE 14:22 12 Dec 2004

thanx people many choices!
il give them a go

thanx again your priceless

il be waiting


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