Before anyone posts about MSN Messenger...

  powerless 15:53 23 Jan 2005

It appears to be down globally from what I'm seeing in other forums.

Service Status: click here

Not the end of the world, just yet.

  Old Shep 16:05 23 Jan 2005

'Not the end of the world' it is for my 15 year old who has just been giving me an ear bashing because it is down. There are some good things in this life yet then lets hope it stays down. Thanks for that Powerless your a gem.

  end 16:07 23 Jan 2005

thanks for that; I"ve just clicked on mine to find my two little people going round and round and round and...::)))

  wiz-king 16:17 23 Jan 2005
  Hamish 16:22 23 Jan 2005

I have MSN Messenger but seldom use it as I prefer Yahoo Messenger or Skype. Thanks for that information however

  Graham ® 16:22 23 Jan 2005

'Who do you turn to? Who do you get in touch with?' tra la lah

  hugh-265156 16:23 23 Jan 2005

my msn messenger 6 is not working but windows messenger 4.7 seems to be working ok?

  timone 16:25 23 Jan 2005

Mine is working, the only problem is that there is nobody else on line, so I cant actually talk to anyone!

  johnnyrocker 16:29 23 Jan 2005

dont use msn much because of many and varied probs with sound, yahoo/skype/eyeball are all much more preferable.


  Hamish 16:46 23 Jan 2005

MSN appears to be back online. Still like Yahoo or Skype

  end 17:11 23 Jan 2005

ditto:)on again here; watch out folks:)

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