Anyone playing Pirates of the Caribbean??

  acemark 13:24 04 Sep 2003

I could use a little help with the gameplay, if anyone has any thoughts. I'm getting blown up by ships, storms, killed by nearly everyone I fight in fact ;-( Can't hang on to any money I get ( 'Cos I'm always spending it on wages, repairs, new crew members etc ) Doesn't leave much for me to do really!!!! Shame, as I thought the game would be pretty decent (read several reviews before I bought it) Looks good at least. I can't even find any cheats that work properly, D'oh!!!
Help me out someone. please.

  acemark 13:34 04 Sep 2003

Forgot to mention, I'm talking about the pc version, D'oh! if only I had a BRAIN.....

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 16:29 04 Sep 2003

Yarrrr... and other Piratey type things...

There's a player guide if you click here

There's a couple of cheats click here, one being for easy money:

"Go to any of the loan sharks and ask for any amount of money. You can go to the box in his office and drop your money in it. Then, go up to him again and ask for more money. Continue to do this until you have the desired amount. Even though he says that he has ways of getting his money back, he never comes after you."

The majority(ish) of ex-Gamesroom people from here moved to click here - just in case you wanted to know...

  acemark 23:53 04 Sep 2003

You must psychic or summat, I was just about to post about gameplay forums, cool. Thanks for the info about the loan shark too, I didn't want to go down that route as I was having enough trouble with everything else lol. You might just have saved my game from the bin,, I was getting a little p'd off with it. See you at the above m8, cheers.

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