As anyone noticed Tilde mark ~ on desktop?

  Djohn 02:29 31 Jul 2004

That always appears on the desktop when a change is made to the address book! Well it appears to have stopped, at least with my system. Has Microsoft included a fix for this in one of their updates?

  hugh-265156 02:34 31 Jul 2004

same here John. are you reading my mind? i was just thinking the same about an hour ago. spooky :-)

  hugh-265156 02:37 31 Jul 2004

ps. im running sp2 beta so maybe its fixed in that.

  Chegs ® 02:42 31 Jul 2004

I will look out for it when I do my next reinstall of XP(probably before breakfast! at its present stabilty rate)as I hadn't noticed it with not actually getting round to adding to my email contacts before its crashed again. :-)

Ps:I'm still a happy bunny really. :-)

  Dorsai 07:57 31 Jul 2004

I have noticed it pop up every now and then, i just deleted it, no problem. I just thought ~ is frequently used for temp files...

  accord 08:11 31 Jul 2004

click here for various threads. I think it has somethign to do with a database of somesort, eg: address book but not sure.

  Djohn 21:00 01 Aug 2004

Hi accord. Yes, I was aware of the cause of the ~ mark but often used to see request for help with this temp folder. Microsoft had been aware and working on it for some time and it seems as though they have found the fix and slipped it in with one of the downloads, Just wondered if others had noticed. huggyg71 had noticed but he is trialling SP2.

  Dipso 21:11 01 Aug 2004

I deleted the last one on 12 July. Do you mean you think it's been fixed since then?

  Djohn 21:19 01 Aug 2004

I think so. That's about the time I last saw one as well.

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