Anyone know where I can buy hard drive platters

  Ex plorer 23:17 18 Dec 2006

I want to rebuild an old HD up its an odd shaped drive that fits into a old 286 and I have no other drive that will fit or make fit into its special bay.

  sean-278262 23:21 18 Dec 2006

You cannot buy "platters", they are sensitive to dust so taking them appart just doesnt happen. Scratch one and you can nigh on destroy it. click here is your friend for a replacement or your local recycling centre. Why repair such an old beast?

  Ex plorer 00:03 19 Dec 2006

To keep the pc original
click here

  Input Overload 00:19 19 Dec 2006

Ex plorer, your link don't work.

  brundle 00:26 19 Dec 2006

Just take away one of the two dots after www..

As Creature Of The Nite said, the drives are assembled in `clean rooms`, you could replace the platter(s) as many times as you like but you won't have a useable drive afterwards.

  brundle 00:28 19 Dec 2006
  Ex plorer 02:35 19 Dec 2006

Hi thanks for the input and yes its interesting reading and well beyond me.
So I will have it repaired some day by the experts but for now I will use an old one some how and fix as best I can.
click here

Thanks all

  wee eddie 09:15 19 Dec 2006

maybe we could find a solution which does not involve the almost impossible task of rebuilding a HDD. Experts charge £30 per hour and upward, so forget a repair job unless you are very rich.

I assume that it has failed, or may be failing.

If you are still running a 286, this probably qualifies as an antique, you may get a Government Grant to restore it!

  oldal 09:23 19 Dec 2006

Post a message on this site some-one may have what you are looking for.
click here

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