Anyone know what nvsvca32.exe is?

  phono 19:52 01 Feb 2005

Has anyone come across nvsvca32.exe before? A friend gave me a computer to sort out for him, it had loads of spyware on it and no less than 27 Trojan and Virus infections were detected by AVG 7.

Now I find that the program above is constantly trying to connect to the Internet as Zone Alarm flags it up. I denied it access and I tracked the program down to the C:\Windows folder, right clicking it and choosing properties does not reveal anything and I tracked down that it is started from the Run key in the Registry.

A search on Google has revealed nothing so to be on the safe side I deleted the Registry key concerned and "quarantined" the offending file pending further investigation.

Taking the above action does not appear to have had any adverse effect on the computer's operation.

Can anybody shed some light on this file?

  bremner 19:59 01 Feb 2005

Likewise with google and all other searches - It is very similar to nvsvc32.exe which is an nVidia process click here

Just to be sure there is definitely an 'a' in there?

  phono 20:06 01 Feb 2005

I did notice that file and yes there is definitely an 'a' in there, I checked it several times.

  phono 20:36 01 Feb 2005

Out of curiosity I changed the name of this program to nvsvca32.sus.exe and it allowed me to do so without problem.

To experiment further I double clicked it and it turned up in task manager with its original name, the worrying thing was, when I went back to the window I had double clicked it in, it had changed its name back to the original.

I am contemplating copying it to a disk and examining the file with a Hex editor to see if that provides some clues, would this be a foolish thing to try?

  phono 19:41 02 Feb 2005

Another twist in the tale, I now find that this program has reared its ugly head again, it has even recreated a run entry in the registry so that it starts up automatically when Windows starts.

Any ideas or advice would be most welcome.

  Digital 19:57 02 Feb 2005

Found this via MSN Search click here Don't know if it helps though.

  Audeal 19:57 02 Feb 2005

I found the following info ( without the "A" in the title. I hope this will help. JUst scroll down to the name you want. click here
In case you have any problems Here is the article.



NVIDIA Driver Helper Service which gets installed under Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003 by the NVIDIA drivers for some of their graphics cards (or graphics cards based on an NVIDIA chipset). We do not at this stage know what this process does except consume memory ! And we also have no idea as to what a “Driver Helper Service” is supposed to do !!

Recommendation :
This service is often responsible for various glitches, from significant shutdown delays to excessive memory usage. Disabling it, however, does not result in our experience in any ill-effect as regards the proper operation of your NVIDIA or NVIDIA chipset graphics card, so we recommend that you definitely set the Startup Mode of this service to Disabled on the Services tab of The Ultimate Troubleshooter.

  phono 20:31 02 Feb 2005

Thanks for the replies.

I see that nvsvca32.exe turns up in quite a few of the Hijack This logs on the page you supplied the link for Digital but no other mention of it.

The file in question is definitely called nvsvca32.exe Audeal, which as you point out, is very similar to the name of the Nvidia file but that is all.

I noted the DNS that it tries to connect to and they all appear to be to the domain 194.46.x.x

Two examples being and

A query on the RIPE database does show a common thread in that they are shown as UTV Internet Allocations, the computer in question does use the UTVInternet ISP.

I wonder is it just some sort of connection monitoring program. I have tried it on my own Broadband connection and it still tries to connect to this range of addresses.

Anybody got any suggestions?

  phono 17:38 09 Feb 2005

As no one seems to be able to help with this one I will tick it as resolved.

Pity there wasn't a tickbox for "one of life's mysteries" as well.

  toni b 18:20 09 Feb 2005

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