Anyone know what a Cooling Sprite does?

  Murray 19:27 01 Apr 2004

I've just been looking through my BIOS (for no particular reason that to check everything is in order and came across an option which sounded intriguing:

CPU Cooling Sprite (currently disabled)

before I turn it on - has anyone ever come across this before (it's in an Intel Award BIOS)?

one thing which does ring a bell is:

I recently built a PC for a friend (it had a VIA 266 chipset and Athlon 2400+) and was fiddling with the temperature monitor utility once it was finished - it had a 'cooler XP' function - which, when turned on, reduced the CPU temp by about 8 degrees (still around 45C). There was no noticable noise increase (as if it had turned up the fan speed). I can only guess it slowed down the clock speed marginally (a bit like the P4). unfortunately there was no way to turn this feature on permanently.

Any ideas?

  john-232317 19:45 01 Apr 2004

Quenches your thirst, on a hot April the 1st ;-)

  Gongoozler 20:50 01 Apr 2004

On this site click here, is a copy of a reply from Jetway on this subject

"The Cooling sprite function means
If you enable the function , it will auto decrease CPU temperature when your system boot up".

So you see, all is now completely clear.

  Murray 23:06 01 Apr 2004

right - so any guesses how it magically 'auto decreases' the temperature?

It seems like I've stumbled on one of those options that no one knows about and you're not meant to ask...

  Gongoozler 10:18 02 Apr 2004

Hi Murray. In searching via Google for an answer to this one, I found a few instances of people asking the question and only the one almost answering it. I can only guess that it is meant to be some kind of clock throttling, as you guessed, but it appears that this one doesn't really work.

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