anyone know how to use direct connect??

  garybaldy 14:29 11 Feb 2003

direct connect is a file sharing program but its very complicated to use .Any suggestions apprieciated.

  TechMad 16:41 11 Feb 2003


Use the same port on both of the computers. i.e. Com1

Make sure that if you are using a cable that plugs into the LPT ports, which can handle data transfer i.e. not one that connects to your printer or scanner (if you have a Parallel scanner).

Make sure that the folders containing the files that you would like to transfer has the "sharing" property enabled. You will have a picture of a open hand under the folder.

Need more help?? Post back.

  topdraw 17:40 11 Feb 2003

I believe you also must have the same opperating system on each computer. The cable is parallel, D25 male to male but tell sales person what you want it for and they will supply you with the correct one.

  jazzypop 17:52 11 Feb 2003

There may be some confusion here. Direct Connect is the name of a P2P file-sharing program (similar to Kaz**?).

Direct Cable Connect is a method of connecting two Windows PCs to each other via parallel or serial cables.

  garybaldy 17:57 11 Feb 2003

its the first one jazzypop .i dont wish to start a debate but yes it is similar to the K word.

  mrchips 18:06 11 Feb 2003

Direct Connect is a bit confusing to the beginner.
What you have to do is join one of the hubs, many of the hubs will not accept you if you don't have enough files to share, some insist one as much as 10gig,find a smaller hub that will take a new member

  garybaldy 18:11 11 Feb 2003

i looked in about 10 hubs and because i only have 1.16gb of sharing material i couldnt access any how do i know how much i need to share before clicking on them .and whats the crack with the search facility ,is it just a case of entering a movie title or what???

  mrchips 18:23 11 Feb 2003

If you wish to try an alternative to Kazaa
give WINMX a go.

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