Anyone know how to upgrade from WIN95 to WIN98SE

  Hunky 04:51 09 Apr 2004

I would REALLY appreciate if you can help. Thanks

  Gongoozler 07:36 09 Apr 2004

If you have the Windows 98se UPGRADE cd, then it's easy. Just pop the cd into your cd drive and follow the onscreen instructions. If you have the full Windows 98se disk, then it will probably refuse to install without a reformat of your hard drive. You will then need the Windows 98 boot floppy disk.

  Migwell 08:57 09 Apr 2004

Don't bother go straight to win xp!

far more stable

I could never face win 95, 95se or ME again and that's from day 1

  Migwell 08:58 09 Apr 2004

95se? oops it should be 98se of course

  VoG II 09:35 09 Apr 2004

There are ways of doing this with a full 98SE disk without formatting click here

  billyliv 09:36 09 Apr 2004

Hi, It may not be so easy. It will depend if your motherboard has the 'Maths co-oproccessor' which 98 requires. Anyway if you try the installation, windows will tell you if it can instal or not. Cheers, Bill

  Gongoozler 10:20 09 Apr 2004

While I accept the comment from Migwell that XP may be a far better system for some people than Windows 95 or 98, I don't think it is entirely true. I use Windows 98se, and find it very stable. The problem is that it isn't as tolerant of badly written software. I get very few blue screen problems, and my computer does all I want of it without spending the money on XP. Anyone with an older computer thinking of changing to XP needs to be very careful that all their hardware and software is XP compatible. My old HP DeskScan II scanner certainly isn't, and I'm pretty certain that my CorelDraw 7 isn't, so in order to upgrade I'd need to spend several hundred pounds, and would not be significantly better off.

I think in addition, your hardware of an older machine would just stagnate on XP. XP really needs at least 256MB of RAM and really 512Mb. So if you have an older machine (which is a fair guess if you are running 95) then stick with 98SE, better OS and your machine will run far quicker than XP.

Migwell, i have XP Pro and love it, but its horses for courses if you are limited by your hardware.

  grn12345 10:39 09 Apr 2004

go to web site

click here

it has a full list of how to guides.
from formating and installing guides.
you can also down load boot disks from this site.

I hope this will help you

  pj123 20:34 09 Apr 2004

You can also get an upgrade CD from here. click here

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