Anyone know how Spamcop works?

  Nosmas 09:02 28 Apr 2004

Recently I have noticed that I have received very much less spam, particularly of the 'viagra' and 'prescription-free medication' varieties.

I am subscribed to two newsletters - keepAhead and Windows-Help - and (again recently) realised that I have not received the normally regular mailings of either. On checking with my ISP (click here) I was told they had recently subscribed to Spamcop to try to stop spam reaching their subscribers.

On Monday I received an email from Lyris ListManager advising me that my subscription to Windows-Help had been put on hold "because at least 2 recent messages have been either bounced by your email system, or could not be delivered at all". I tried to contact Lyris but the address I used is some sort of automated location and my mail was returned because it did not contain any "commands".

I have looked on Spamcop's site click here but can't really understand how their system works, but am pretty certain the non-receipt of newsletters is due Freenet's action in subscribing to Spamcop. I am suspicious that some other mail may not have reached me. Does anyone have any experience or info about this please?

  VoG II 09:10 28 Apr 2004

You are not alone click here

  Nosmas 09:27 28 Apr 2004

Thanks. I also subscribe to Langa List (which fortunately I am still receiving) but I didn't refer to it as my post was already rather long. I read that article and interestingly I notice Fred Langa uses Lyris for distribution of his newsletters.

  anchor 09:38 28 Apr 2004

I have subscribed to Tiscali Secure Mail since August 2003. It uses Brightmail technology.

It is extremely effective; it has never stopped any "genuine" messages to me, and very rarely does spam get through. In the last 5 days on looking on the Tiscali site spam message box, it has blocked 240 spam e-mails.

  Nosmas 19:03 28 Apr 2004

Useful to know, but presumably it is up to each ISP to decide which spam filter to use from those available. I'm certainly not very happy with the way Spamcop seems to be working.

Any other comments or experiences please?

  spuds 23:22 28 Apr 2004

A little more info click here

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