Anyone know anything about 'Runtime Errors'?

  Graphicool1 13:57 25 Oct 2009

Hi All

A friend of mine has a CD called 'AUTODATA', as it says it contains data about auto's. My friend is a car mechanic, hence his interest. He was given the CD to install on his WinXP PC. (The CD was NOT commercially made or released but a copy) However, when he tried although it went through the motions of uploading, at the end up popped the following message...

'Microsoft Visual C + + Runtime Library Runtime Error!'

(I don't know what the rest of the message said)

But at my behest, his daughter who has a new Vista laptop attempted to install it on her machine, with the following results. I told her right down exactly what it said...

'Microsoft Visual C + + Runtime Library Runtime Error!
-pure virtual function call'

(I copied this from her handwriting, so the 'Z' in ACDAZ could be a '2'. I also assume 'D:\' to be her CD drive and don't know what drive letter was on the message from the WinXP PC)

I hope this is clear and someone knows the answer. I've looked on the Web, there have been many suggestions but no apparent categoric answer?

  Graphicool1 10:01 26 Oct 2009

Am I to take your lack of suggestions or answers as a don't know or a haven't got a clue?

  Quiet Life 11:07 26 Oct 2009

runtime errors are bad news. It seems as if the program that is causing the problem is contained on the CD. ABCD.exe is a graphics viewing program.
This is probably used to display graphics contained on the CD.
Instead of letting the CD run open it and see what is contained on the CD. You may be able to transfer folders to your compuuter and open them there. I would think the CD is corrupt.
Do not download any of the numerous programs offering to correct runtime errors as your compuer is OK and it is likely they will only mess it up.

  Graphicool1 17:25 31 Oct 2009

Thanx for that Quiet Life

  mark2 18:02 31 Oct 2009

I've found the best installation option for autodata is to select (when installing) the option to run from hard drive this gives you ACDA2 in the root of your hard drive.

ABCD.exe is the launcher for the autodata program and found in the above folder.

I've been using autodata in several of it's guises since 2000 or thereabouts, currently running version 3.18(2007) can't afford to udpdate yet.

Updating has always been simple before installing i always rename the shortcuts and folders by prefixing old to their names, which means should there be a problem with the install I can simply delete the new and rename the old as they were. Once I know it is running properly I simply delete the old folders and shortcuts no uninstall with the program. Any more info needed I can probably help.

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