Anyone know any free mulitplayer internet games?

  Mad Boy 11:40 04 Oct 2003

Hi there, me and a few mates are looking for some basic but fun games to play each other against at college. It gets boring and i just need something to do. I dont want a game where you play directly online, but instead where you download the game and play like that. The computers are networked and i believe run of broadband or higher. Any link would be highly apprciated.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:46 04 Oct 2003
  Mad Boy 11:49 04 Oct 2003

oh, not a google search! i tried that you can be lookin forever, and they are all based on the internet directly, and most of them are poker, cards etc

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:57 04 Oct 2003

Medal of Honour is a poker game? here. Spend a few minutes checking out the link and you will be suprised(this was the first site in the link).


  bremner 12:08 04 Oct 2003

I thought that to play multiplayer MOH on Gamespy you have to have the game installed on your computer.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:12 04 Oct 2003

Bit of research for mad boy then ;-))


  Belatucadrus 12:15 04 Oct 2003

Be careful about putting anything on college computers, some have very specific rules prohibiting games in the system user policy . Don't be too surprised if the system administrator starts shouting at you.

  Mad Boy 12:22 04 Oct 2003

Yeah, thanks for the warning

  Hitch-Hiker 12:34 04 Oct 2003
  powerless 16:05 04 Oct 2003

If you can!

click here

  rickysambo 16:13 04 Oct 2003

How about CounterStrike - the terrorism shooter thing from the Half Life developers - it's really rather good... and doesn't take all that much in terms of resources to play - plus if like most of the pc literate world you have played or heard of Half Life you know it will be a good game!

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