anyone know about Win 3.11

  Ex plorer 17:11 04 Dec 2005

OK any one help me with this I have just loaded Win 3.11.
Followed the instructions and restarted the PC and at Dos prompt typ win. All I get is bad command or file name.


  woodchip 17:13 04 Dec 2005


CD Win

  pj123 17:20 04 Dec 2005

At the DOS prompt try typing:

cd windows (press enter) then when you get the C:\Windows prompt type

win (press enter)

  Ex plorer 17:20 04 Dec 2005

Hi CD Win is waiting for further command when I hit enter its not moved.

CD win was invalid directory

  woodchip 17:27 04 Dec 2005

CD means change Directory. What is the Prompt showing when you start th comp?

  Ex plorer 17:28 04 Dec 2005

I will go and find my book I have it some where
tried the above but just got invalid entry.

  Jeffers22 17:29 04 Dec 2005

win is the command to start windows.

windows is the directory you need to cd to.

post a copy of your autoexec.bat file

  pj123 17:30 04 Dec 2005

Also I seem to remember you need to put DOS 6.2 on before installing Win 3.11???

I thought I had all the floppies for this operation but having looked through them I find I have all the 3 DOS 6.22 disks and 8 Windows for Workgroups 3.11 but, unfortunately, I seem to have 2 disk no. 4 and no disk no. 3

But you are welcome to have them if you like to email me via the envelope.

  Ex plorer 17:32 04 Dec 2005

Lost the prompt whats the best way to get promt back using a 6.22 disk, or inserting WIN 95 / 98.

  Ex plorer 17:33 04 Dec 2005

I Loaded 6.22 on before loading 3.11

  woodchip 17:38 04 Dec 2005

You should be Getting

C:\ When you start up

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