Anyone Know?

  Nancy166 15:54 29 Aug 2007

Ive been trying to reactivate purchased game downloads but when I try to type in the e-mail address and password I get this:

Line 2
Character 1
Error AOL is undefined
Code 0
URL click here

I can download and have activated two of the games but the rest won't activate no matter what I do.

I asked AOL technical help and they told me to go to Pogo Games........which has nothing to do with TryGames as far as I know.

Is the message stating the problem is with my computer or with the Games website?

Many thanks


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:51 29 Aug 2007
  Nancy166 09:46 31 Aug 2007

I did reply but had problems signing in and then staying.

I've been into TryGames and they did send me a coupon number which I would use if I could find out where and it's not through lack of trying.

I think the problem was AOL 9.0 VR....seemed to make everything unstable......judging by the difficulty of getting onto PC Advisor.

I tried reinstalling and finished up with the American version.....most bizarre so I've deleted that and I am now on the hunt for my old friend AOL9.0. A normal search produces nothing. Can anyone provide me with a link?

Many thanks


  Jake_027 10:27 31 Aug 2007

To connect manually to AOL on Windows Vista, assuming you are using a USB modem, do the following:

1.Go to Start, Control Panel, Network and sharing centre

2.Under "Tasks" on the left, click set up a connection or network

3.Choose "connect to the internet"

4. Choose "Broadband (PPPoE)

5. Type in your username and password

6.This should connect, it may take a while.

I haven't tried this myself as I am connected wirelessly, but it was a similar method under XP so I assume it works for vista.

If you have any problems come back to us here.

If you use the AOL software for emails however, you can find previous versions click here however these may not function correctly under Vista.
Good luck!

  Nancy166 12:12 31 Aug 2007

Thanks for your reply. No I don't have Vista but I think the games problem has been solved. However another one has arisen which perhaps is the cause of everything that's gone before.

In my previous post I said I had problems logging onto PC Advisor, either it wouldn't let me in or kicked me off almost instantly.

By going via Internet Explorer rather than AOL I signed in problems.Have just reinstalled AOL 9.0VR from AOL and using PC Advisor as a test......tried to sign in..........couldn't. Wouldn't let me in at all so I'm now typing this via Explorer.

So something is definitely wrong.


Thanks Moll

Windows XP
AOL 9.0 VR
BT Voyager Router 205

  keef66 12:22 31 Aug 2007

You seem to be confusing 2 different things. AOL is (presumably) your internet service provider (ISP). You pay them for access to the internet; you don't necessarily need to install all their software to do it.

Internet Explorer is your internet browser (alternatives are Firefox, Mozilla etc)

  Nancy166 12:38 31 Aug 2007

Thanks for your reply.

I have had the two running side by side without problems for the last couple of years. I like AOL despite the problems....and happy to have the complete package.

So the advice I really need is to how to get back to that stage again. The fact that I can access this website via Internet Explorer but not via AOL 9.0 VR must point to a glitch somewhere and it would appear that it's the glitch that is causing the problems.

Oh yes and another I need both IE and Firefox or will Firefox stand alone?



  Nancy166 13:21 31 Aug 2007

Hi Guys,
I've checked with AOL and someone who seemed to know what he was talking about.......

AOL 9.0 VR appears to be OK. The problem lies with Internet Explorer and the possibility that when I formatted the hard drive and reinstalled Windows XP from the recovery disk that some files were corrupted.

I suggested installing another IE but the latest IE 7 is for Vista not WindowsXP...they get you all ways don't they?

Soooo the next problem is sorting out the IE files.......and for my next trick?


  Simsy 14:56 31 Aug 2007

does work on WIndows XP



  provider 2 15:48 31 Aug 2007

Can`t understand why you are using AOL 9 VR with XP. All you need is AOL 9.

The AOL browser is just whichever verion of IE you have with some AOL extras (parental controls etc) added on.

  feb 16:14 31 Aug 2007

AOL 9 VR is for vista, just install your original copy of AOL and let it update itself.

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