To anyone, I 've tried to help......

  Smegs 01:00 24 Jan 2005

Sorry, if I have not followed up on a response.

My wife was in a head on car crash on Thursday 20/01/05. She is in hospital and had to have 3 operations.

I hope you will understand why I haven't replied to your thread/s.

I have been signing on to the PCA site, but as you can imaging, I have not been thinking straight.

Again, I'm sorry.


  Cook2 01:04 24 Jan 2005

Smegs, no need to apologise, just concentrate on your wife at present.

Hopefully she is getting on OK. Please keep us informed, as there are many here who I am sure will be concerned.

Here's to a speedy recovery.

  Blanc Glacier 01:05 24 Jan 2005

Shaun - ever so sorry to hear that mate. I would just like to say that on behalf of PCA (as im sure everyone doesnt mind) send our deepest regards to you and your family and hope your wife recovers shortly.

All the best.


  Smegs 01:12 24 Jan 2005

Thank you so much.

It's so hard, when you don't have any family around you to lean on.

I just wanted to explain to people why, I hadn't responed to threads. That's all.

Take care everyone.


  hugh-265156 01:15 24 Jan 2005

Smegs im so sorry to hear that no need to apologise. i hope you wife recovers soon.

take care.

  THE TERMINATOR 01:26 24 Jan 2005

I am very sorry to hear of your wife's accident, and I would like to express my sympathy with you at this time, but don't worry about not replying to threads, you can let others worry about them, get your wife well again she is more important than somebody with a pc problem, this forum will still be here when she is well. Keep us informed of her progress please....TT

  Kev.Ifty 01:45 24 Jan 2005

Hello Pal. As you know this forum is here to help those people that are having problems with their PC's. The vast majority of those problems, are very unimportant when compared to real life!!

You, my friend, have a problem which is very much "Real Life!"

I sincerely hope that your Wife makes a full and speedy recovery! I am absolutely sure that every member on this forum wishes you and your Wife and Family the very best!

God bless You all!

At times like these one needs Family and Friends. Speak to them, those are the people in which you will find comfort.

We have all found ourselves in a desperate situation, unable to see a positive avenue.

There are many benefits in sharing our concerns and fears with people that we feel we can trust those concerns and feelings with. But the art involved with sharing those feelings is in choosing the right people!

If you need to talk to someone other than Friends and Family then
click here these Guys deal with all sorts of stuff every day.

If you just fancy a bit of daft banter now and then.. You can click on my yellow envelope. I can't guarantee an immediate response. But i would be interested to hear updates on your Wifes recovery.

God Bless Kev.

  turnip 60 02:21 24 Jan 2005

Smegs , Best wishes for your wife ,I hope she is back to good health very soon.

  Chezdez 02:29 24 Jan 2005

as said above, there is really no need for you to apologise, it's not your fault

i hope your wife makes a speedy recovery, and that we see you hanging around again before too long

and remember to keep on smiling, your wifes in the best possible hands :)

  AndySD 04:01 24 Jan 2005


I realise this is a very tough time for you both. I hope your wife recovers quickly. Try not to take the whole world on your shoulders....I know I did when my wife got a brain tumor. Do try to take some time to yourself or with friends to relax and regain a little strenth.

My best wishes to you both.


  NickyK 04:30 24 Jan 2005

Although this thread is losed, I would just like to echo Cook2: please keep us informed. I know it is a cold world out there, but people do care.

My thoughts are with you.


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