Anyone for Heuristic Evaluation?

  Sir Radfordin 11:59 28 Nov 2003

(yes it is a cheeky request!)

Knowing how many experts are sat out there designing websites and the like thought I would see if any had been involved in Heuristic Evaluation?

As part of a Human Computer Interaction assignment (hmm!) we have to do a Heuristic Evaluation on this website: click here

Very easy to spot what is wrong but need to have suitable Heuristics to evaluate by.

The following seem to be the most widely used:

1) Visual Clarity
2) Consistency
3) Compatibility
4) Informative Feedback
5) Explicitness
6) Appropriate Functionality
7) Felxibiilty and Control
8) Error prevention and correction
9) User Guidance and Support
10) System Usability Problems

But is there an 'industry standard' for website evaluation - other than things like HTML/CSS code validators?

  Taran 12:50 28 Nov 2003

There are a few good resources online for Heuristic Evaluation methods, from general discussions and rough how-to articles up to some pretty hefty documentation.

click here and in particular click here

click here and in particular click here

You could also look at the Bobby validator which concentrates on ecouraging compliance with existing accessibility guidelines, such as Section 508 and the W3C's WCAG click here

W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 are click here

WEB STYLE GUIDE, 2nd edition online resource is click here

User Interface Engineering site is also worth a look click here

The excellent "Building Accessible Websites" book has been serialised for free online access and is well worth your time to browse click here

Jakob Nielsen's site is also a good resource click here and his link for heuristics is click here

Vincent Flanders has his superb (and sometimes very funny) site Web Pages That Suck click here

There's a link to a PDF file download click here for the Heuristic Evaluation of netTrekker documents.

And finally, a general resource list: click here click here click here click here and click here

  Sir Radfordin 12:52 28 Nov 2003

Taren...not your real name is it? Google seems more fitting!

Many thanks.

  Taran 12:52 28 Nov 2003

Sorry about that.

I've gone a bit overboard on the click here links.

All I did was regurgitate the contents of one of my IE favourites folders on Usability & Accessibility.


  Taran 13:04 28 Nov 2003

There's loads of stuff you can find on Google but sifting through all that junk can take a bit of time.

The links I gave you were the ones I keep to hand for students, but I forgot one of the most important: click here

It's an online forum purely about accessibility and usability with loads of excellent resource links to documentation and guidelines.

What's even better is that it was launched by a chap in Sheffield (Nigel Peck of MIS Web Design click here) who really knows his oats and you can discuss topics, get help, download documents and all kinds of other things but everything on the site is geared towards usability and accessibility with a very stong lean towards the UK (for a change).


  Sir Radfordin 13:17 28 Nov 2003

"really knows his oats" well I guess someone has to!

A few of your links from the first post were one's I'd found in google but always good to have someone else recommend them - like you say sifting through the junk takes time.

Thanks again, some excellent stuff.

  PurplePenny 14:16 28 Nov 2003

Another aid to checking accessiblilty is WebAIM's Wave

click here

The joy of this one is that you can install it as a toolbar or a bookmarklet and test any page you go to. The test results appear as the tested page with annotations and symbols so it is much easier to understand than Bobby or APrompt.


  Sir Radfordin 14:22 28 Nov 2003

Cheers Penny, someone else had suggested that one to me. Don't like those things they show up all my mistakes!

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