anyone help with my crashing problem?

  bushpig 20:19 30 Mar 2010

hey guys *waves*
i am having problems with random crash outs on my pc, i could be browsing and it reboots making me unable to play games or watch anything through my xbox via medea centre.
my spec is..

AMD athalon 64x2 duel core processor 6000 + 3.00 GHZ
geforce 9800 GTX +
4 gb ram
windows 7 ultimate 64 bit

i have done all sorts of test inc scans in safe mode
i have tried taking out the ram to see if i have a bad one.
i have no viruses or add ware
its a clean pc from what i can gather.
but prone to crash outs, it just reboots itself.
if anyone could provide me with some advice that would be great, i hope i have explained the problem enough.

  sunnystaines 20:25 30 Mar 2010

is it overheating?

  bushpig 20:27 30 Mar 2010

i thought this at first but even with the side off and a fan blowing in it still does it.

  fishmad pete 20:45 30 Mar 2010

Do you get the blue screen of death and a memory dump. Look in the window folder for memory.dmp
this can help you to locate the problem (if you have the software to read it). Otherwise open up administrator tools (in control panel) and look at the event log. In particular the critical and alarm lists this may help to locate the problem.
Is this a new self build machine? I had several shutdowns caused by the voltage for my memory not being set right these shut downs were very random.

  bushpig 20:52 30 Mar 2010

no blue screen its as if i have clicked on restart.
here a print of the even viewer.
[URL=click here][IMG]click here[/IMG][/URL]

  bushpig 20:54 30 Mar 2010

sorry that messed up.

click here

  bushpig 20:55 30 Mar 2010

and yes its a self built pc.

  citadel 23:02 30 Mar 2010

could be psu, gaming calls for extra power to card, psu fails to deliver, crash. often no error messages. cheap psu,s more liable to fail.

  apianglo 01:55 31 Mar 2010

I agree with "citadel" It sounds like a PSU problem to me ,I`ve had it in the past & a new one stopped it.

  bushpig 06:25 31 Mar 2010

ok thanks for the replies =)
the psu along with the g/card, ram and mobo are all new parts, could it still be faulty?
and also it crashes when browsing or even if its just stood idle.

  Les28 07:34 31 Mar 2010

"it crashes when browsing or even if its just stood idle"

Does it crash if it's stood idle in safe mode?

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