anyone help me to setup my soundcard

  tobyjug472002 06:16 13 Mar 2007

I am an active member of camfrog, but the room rules state that music must be played through my soundcard instead of my microphone, can anyone help me set my computer to do this please, its very frustrating to say the least. Realtek soundcard, Xp Home edition SP2, Pentium 4 IGB RAM
Compac Presario desktop PC,
Many thanks

  Gongoozler 07:37 13 Mar 2007

Hi tobyjug472002. I don't really understand the rule that you're referring to. You can't hear music through your microphone, only through a speaker or earphone. All sound in or out of your computer (except the POST beep) passes through the sound card anyway. Can you either give us a link to the rules or post a copy of the relevant rule here?

  Ho-Lin-Sok 09:21 13 Mar 2007

To play any sounds from within your computer rather than have the LSO in your front room playing it you have to record it onto your HDD in a suitable file format. What exactly is it you have to do.

  tobyjug472002 12:36 13 Mar 2007

many thanks for your replies its just that in most chatrooms on camfrog, if you wish to play music to other members it must come from your soundcardie, play the music from Windows media player 11, but obviously you are able to chat through a microphone, but room rules state music must be through your soundcard...i'm puzzled and i dont think i'm making much sense...i'll copy and paste the rules:
::::::; J_______,.,.,.,.___l ( (
;:::::; (_______l l l l l____] ' all black nicks to have full face
,;::::::; ;' *¨¨¨¨¨´* on cam all the times
;::::::::: . ,,,;. l * * /
.';:::::::::::::::::;, l / no underage people to come in the room
,::::::;::::::;;;;::::;,l * /
; :::::: '::::::;;;::::: ,#* /
: ::::::: ;::::::;;::: ;::,# * music is played only through soundcard ****** THIS BIT*******??????????
:: ::::::: ;:::::::: ;::::,# * and only by greens and reds

its something to do with the sound settings but cant suss it at all, i can chat ok to the room, but the music through a soundcard bit has me baffled!!! Anymore help extremely welcomed?


  Fingees 18:21 13 Mar 2007

I don't quite understand the rules, but I think it would be easier to just play music from an external device, and send it to the line in. that way it will use the sound card, as the microphone does. but will be direct from the source.

All the best.

  Gongoozler 09:08 14 Mar 2007

The only rules I could find are these click here. However I suspect that the reason there may be a rule stating that all music is played through the sound card input could be to do with copyright and to prevent the system being used for file sharing.

  tobyjug472002 13:10 14 Mar 2007

Hi Fingees, i think you have hit the nail on the head by your kind disrespect to any other welcomed replies...its just setting my soundcard settings up to play music from my PC to the line in perhaps?
Any further help would be gratefully received, as to how i do this?



  Gongoozler 15:15 14 Mar 2007

tobyjug472002, a lot of sound cards will only accept sound from one source at a time, so to change from microphone to line in would require making a change to the settings. Try double-clicking on the loudspeaker icon on the taskbar and see what options you get. You may also get more options via Start - All Programs if your sound card has more advanced features.

  tobyjug472002 16:10 14 Mar 2007

yes thanks very much m8, i know i will need to make settings changes to my soundcard i just wondered if anyone actually knew what settings to change? Realtek soundcard!

May i change the subject slightly?
A good friend of mine uses ISP and apparently using Microsoft Vista OS, he cannot connect to the net, even through a router rather than the usual speedtouch USB Modem, any ideas about any possible sites he may, or rather me on his behalf can download any drivers.

Many, many thanks to everyones help, i am a bit of a novice as far as computers go>>>> thick might be more appropriate lol


  Gongoozler 16:40 14 Mar 2007

What is the router? I am with Tiscali and use a Netgear DG384G so I can tell you the settings I have for that.

Regarding the sound card, when I double click on the loudspeaker icon on my taskbar I get the option to adjust the volume and mute all, any or none of the various inputs. Also in Device manager when I right click on my sound card and select Properties - Properties tab, in Mixer Devices for the soundcard I get the option to enable or disable mixer options. You probably have the same option. I haven't tried this but it might be what you're looking for.

  Gongoozler 17:06 14 Mar 2007

Another question regarding your friends connection. Is the router indicating a connection? Generally a failure to connect is indicated by a flashing light.

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