Anyone having problems with InCD?

  Night Ryder 01:17 13 May 2005

I have been using Nero6 for some time on a windows XP Professional op system (service pack 2). I have a CD writer and a DVD writer attached. After installing the latest update of InCD, I started having problems with the CD writer not reading disks. The DVD wrighter strangly was still working. I Uninstalled InCD and the drive is now working. Should also mention the DVD is an IDE device and CD is a SCSI. I have seen this happen on more than one system at work. Has anyone got a fix for this?

  Eastender 09:43 13 May 2005

InCD is known to conflict with quite a range of other software. I could not resolve the problem and no longer use it. Have a look at Google click here

  mole44 14:40 13 May 2005

have you updated the software from nero`s site

  User-312386 14:45 13 May 2005

I have not used INCD for years

Uninstall it. You do not need to use it anymore

  BEN MARSHALL 15:00 13 May 2005

Hi havr you tried Roxio 7 media suite its 100 x beter then nero 6.0 and has like neroes in cd a desctop program called Drag to disk where you can drag and drop files safley on to a CD or DVD! You can also install nero incd on its own without the hole suite! Roxio is much more superior than Nero & is simpler and has alot less faults! Give it a go its about £70 but well worth it! Just out of interest did you have any trouble installing Nero InCD on XP Pro if you did see this link click here

I not sure if this site legal or not but InCD can be found there for FREE!! click here

good luck BEN

  Night Ryder 19:17 13 May 2005

Yes updated all. This is when the problem started. I don't need InCD for anything so I've just deleted it. The rest of the Nero6 suite work perfectly.

  €dstowe 19:34 13 May 2005

InCD is probably the worst program ever to be inflicted on a software buying public.

So many people have problems with it that I'm surprised it is still available.

With the widespread use of pendrives and suchlike, is there any need for anyone to use this nasty, trouble-causing program?

  sunny staines 18:15 15 May 2005

I have INCD latest version. I like it but only problem is I downloaded files for some one still using an non broadband modem and w98. w98 no longer reads Latest version INCD.

Nero 5.5 users can still update to the latest version of INCD.

  LAPTOPBABE 18:42 15 May 2005

get rid of it. its been driving me mad too. I am sure it is not necessary.

  Night Ryder 19:08 22 May 2005

Thanks for all comments. Has been very helpful.

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