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Anyone having problems with eBay over the past day or so?

  spuds 12:33 18 Jun 2014

I use eBay every day, and the past two days their website seems to be slower, plus I keep getting a red error message stating something on the lines that the site could not carry out a certain task - try later.

Yet the task I have asked it to do, seems to have worked. I would mention that I have never had this problem previously, over many years of use!.

Anyone else getting similar problems?.

  spuds 13:35 18 Jun 2014


Two very interesting links, which I haven't seen previously. Will use them for future reference. I haven't had many problems over the years, but the two websites might answer any that I have in the future?.

Thanks for your response, will now tick.

  spuds 10:47 20 Jun 2014

Whatever it was, it now seems to have cleared itself, and everything is back to normal (fingers crossed).

  spuds 13:39 20 Jun 2014

Spoke to soon - the bugs returned :O(

Just have to live with it I suppose?.

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