Anyone had trouble with Office XP updates?

  Granger 20:39 16 Jan 2004

For the first time in ages I went to Office update. It listed 3 updates (post SP2). These were KB830346, 830350 and 812708. Since then, Office applications are misbehaving. Slow startup, problems with address book, Word crashing. I can't see how to uninstall these, and I've tried the detect and repair function in Office XP.

Has anyone else noticed any problems? If so, is there any answer other than a reinstallation of Office? I'd rather avoid that because of the time it takes to re-create toolbars, email accounts etc. The age-old problem - I should not have fixed a system that wasn't broke.

  alura 22:00 12 Feb 2004

Hello all,

Periodically, my word 2002 application has been
terminating on its own.The Event viewer revealed the
following error message with event ID 1000:

"Faulting application winword.exe, version 10.0.2627.0,
faulting module winword.exe, version 10.0.2627.0, fault
address 0x002dbff8."

I later downloaded the Office XP Service Pack 1 update,
but got a final "Unsuccesful intallation message",
eventhough I used the correct product CD when requested.

Any assistance in resolving this problem will be
appreciated. Thanks

  Terry Brown 22:06 12 Feb 2004

I updated the XP office upgrades, but it caused problems, so I ended up uninstaling XP Office completly and re-installing the original. No further problems.

  Indigo 1 09:29 13 Feb 2004

can and does happen with certain set-ups,unfortunately. That's why I use BigFix to download only those updates relevant to my system.

Office XP and other application updates need to be hugely compatible with so many different PC's and components that it's just impossible to test every single configuration (just look at the number of mitherboards available at click here over 250 mobo's !)and that's just the UK market !!

add to that all the different Hard Drives, Procesors and utput cards and you got a logistical nightmare on your hands if your trying to make a patch universally compatible.

Download BigFix from click here and only install what they recommend for your system.

I've been using it for 18 months and not a single glitch.

  Granger 13:00 13 Feb 2004

I reinstalled Office which wasn't too bad cos somehow it did retain my prefs. I reinstalled up to SP2 (which I have on CD) and left it at that. No more probs.

  Indigo 1 15:59 13 Feb 2004

That's fine untill MS decide to release an urgent critical update and tell the world about the back door they've just discovered and then you need to patch it up.

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