Anyone had problems with SP2 ?

  Indigo 1 16:05 15 Apr 2005

I am now considering updating to SP2 and would like to hear about any issues or problems people have had and what not to do or what to avoid.

I would only like to hear from people who have actually had problems and not from people who have not, no need for a lot of people saying "no problems for me" etc (please).

Any links appreciated too.

  ventanas 16:17 15 Apr 2005

I know you didn't want to hear this, but I have now installed it to 42 computers without one single issue. There is nothing wrong with it.

  Stuartli 16:19 15 Apr 2005

Key in SP2 Problems or similar into the search box on the left hand side of this page and you will have plenty of reading to do...:-)

But as you so rightly point out, far more were successful than failed with its installation.

  Stuartli 16:20 15 Apr 2005

The Microsoft website has a section devoted to possible or potential problems when installing SP2.

  BBez 16:22 15 Apr 2005

ran fine with me apart from some built in firewall issues which i cannot resolve.

I run ftp server and a dcc server and although i disabled windows firewall, i had to go into the connection properties and enter the port numbers relative to the applications under windows firewall exceptions...

still not found a resolution to the problem but as i say, it's working now...

  Indigo 1 16:26 15 Apr 2005

You are right I don't want to hear that you had no probs, but as you have installed it on 42 PC's, how many of these have you used or are you still using ?

Do you know if any of the users of these PC's have had problems ?

Are they all in offices using similar configurations or are they home users ?

It's problems in use that I am looking for not installation probs.

  ventanas 16:32 15 Apr 2005

They are all in current use on a domain. Believe me SP2 is perfectly safe.

  georgemac © 16:37 15 Apr 2005

the thing to do first is ensure your pc is cleaned of all spyware/trojans/virus as sp2 does not like any of these to be present.

update your anti virus and scan, and run adaware, spybot & microsoft antispyware tools and delete all spyware/malware.

then create a system restore point, reboot and install sp2.

It should go fine, if it does not boot to safe mode and restore back to before the upgrade.

  Indigo 1 16:39 15 Apr 2005

Thanks again Ventanas, I believe you that SP2 is "safe". But what I really want to know is how it is affected by different configurations. If all your 42 PC's are on a domain then I assume that they are all running similar set-ups (if not identical) and are all running standard office apps.

What I want to know is how it is affected by the kind and variety of programmes that we all use at home ?

  Technotiger 16:54 15 Apr 2005

I may be wrong here, but having read the above I would think that you would want all views (problems or not), that way you will get a fuller picture of what programs people are using with or without problems. I have not had problems with sp2 and I use all the usual progs like Photo manipulation/MultiMedia/Video/Camcorder/Digicam/MsoftWord/WinTV/Incrediamail/Games etc etc etc all without problems.


  Indigo 1 17:10 15 Apr 2005

Hmmmm, fair point, maybe you are right. but what I really don't want is for endless people to post replies saying "No Probs For Me" and "Don't worry just GO FOR IT" etc.

It would be very helpul if people did say what progs they were using that might have caused problems and how they got round any problems.

It has taken me a long time to get my PC working the way I like it and I know how easy it is to mess things up.

I know how to make a backup and of course that is what I will do before anyone states the obvious.

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